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boys pissing in toiletCollege aged boys pissing in urinals inside locker rooms is one of the hottest things I can remember in highschool. I have friends who have actually meet hot college guys pissing in airport or shopping mall urinals and ended up in the bathroom with them to have a hot jack off session.

We also encountered hot scenes at a rock concert of hot straight boys peeing outside in the fields and woods without going to a port-a-potty. The site of young guys peeing is hot even if they are peeing in the bathroom. You will hear truckers tell stories about boys peeing at truck stop bathrooms right before they go into a stall and jack off together.


We have found some hot videos online such as Sammy Case that feature hot and wet scenes. There are also gay golden shower sites that cater to those that like to be called pigs that beg for every hole to be peed inside. Some guys even take the piss up their ass and others drink it. There have also been cases of frat hazings where college boys have been made to piss on each other for initiation and even some had to swallow the piss.

Some gay men get off watching other gay men piss into diapers and pissing on objects suck as boots them making the submissive one lick it off. There are many kinky videos of this online we have found.

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