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Between 2003 and 2006 Brent Everett has appeared in twenty porn movies, that’s a rate of about one every two months. Poor thing, he must be exhausted! But wait a moment, why is this young actor so popular and what exactly has he done? And more importantly, where can we see him in action?

O.k. here we go: Brent was born in Alberta, Canada in 1984, (February 10th if you want to celebrate his birthday) which would have made him 18/19 when he made his first movie. This was ‘Barebacking Across America’ by Tipo Sesso. He makes the cover of this movie and during the story he tops and bottoms bareback. You’re in for lots of cum shots and are treated to great scenes involving Brent and his thick, 8 inch, cut cock.

Maybe it was thanks to his sultry good looks, his huge cock or his slim body, maybe it was his willingness to be top or bottom, use or not use a condom or maybe it’s just because he’s so damn hot that made Brett one of the most sought after young porn stars of the early 2000s. Checking out an on-line encyclopaedia entry for Brent I discovered that in his early work he clearly qualified as a ‘twink’ but in recent years he’s started to out-grow that term. He’s now considered, I guess, a college stud, or jock as he’s in his twenties and has developed clear abdominal and other muscles. He’s still got the required bubble butt, pouting lips and smooth body though and of course there’s that fantastic 8 inch cock. He also sports tattoos on his left arm and elbow, in Chinese characters that spell out ‘Dustin’.

It’s the money shots that Brett is most famous for. The money shot being the one where the porn star earns his pay check. In other words it is the cum shot and Brett is known for the force and distance of his ejaculation, sometimes shooting several feet. If you read write ups of his movies you’ll notice that many people comment on this outstanding feat. That’s feat not feet, though I am sure he’s also got cute feet as everything about this stud is cute.

Brett never signed an exclusive deal with any of the production companies he has worked for; this means he was free to switch between companies and go where he wanted to. After being turned down by Falcon Studios due to his previous, bareback and unsafe work, he managed to get signed up with them and appeared in Super Soaked. A decent company, like Falcon, will insist on HIV testing for all and any barebacking actors and, although this is carried out, many performers find it hard to get work with major companies after appearing in barebacking scenes.

But this doesn’t seem to have affected Brent. Apart from appearing in Playguy and Freshman magazines he has also made all those other movies.

And he’s now got his own site located at  This is a very slick and neat looking site where you can find all Brent’s latest news, see his images and movie clips and even catch him in live shows. You can even get him to sign a pair of his boxers and post them to you if you want and that’s only one of the things available in his on-line store. If you wan to sign up to his site you can do this in a variety of ways through Verotel, a trusted on-line payment processor.

Finally there are other ways to find out more about Brent: There is a Brent Everett Yahoo group (restricted so you’ll need to sign up, free). You may also find Brent at or






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