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Chi Chi LaRue

chi chi larue djingYou can’t have been browsing gay porn sites and not noticed the name Chi Chi LaRue! He, or she, has been involved in the adult entertainment industry since way back, 1988 to be precise and you can find out everything you need to know about this mega-star at her company’s (and her own) website at – but we’ll come to that later. First of all we want to know who exactly Chi Chi is and what has she done to put her where she is today.

Born in Minnesota, USA, in November 1959 as Larry David Paciotti, Chi Chi made her directorial debut in 1988 starting her career in porn with gay movies. Since then her movie making has been prolific to say the least. Although she produced predominantly gay movies she has, more recently, been involved in straight and bi-sexual porn.

I get the impression that she’s something of a workaholic: not only making movies and co-owning companies but also making personal appearances, being an accomplished DJ and hosting mega-parties and award shows in the USA and Europe. She is a larger than life character who likes to get her head down to produce top quality porn but her years and position in the industry have not gone to her head. It is said that she maintains a sensitive approach to performers and has a genuine admiration for them which allows her to handle the ‘big stars’ and draw the best performances from them. If you check out any of the titles she’s been involved in, and there are hundreds, you’ll see what I mean.

And if you want a rough idea of what movies she has had a hand in then remember that she has been a part of Vivid Video, Rascal Video, Channel 1 releasing and the Live and Raw web cam and chat sites. In 2006 she also acquired All Worlds Video and so added another production company to the list of companies she has waved her magic wand over.

Being at the top of your profession does sometimes bring controversy but Chi Chi seems to have mainly avoided it. However, she did leave Vivid Video in 2006 in protest over their policy of allowing bareback sex in movies. She is a strong advocate for safe sex and has banned some performers from working in her movies because of the bareback past or refusal to wear condoms.

But this has not prevented her and her movies from winning AVN and GayVN awards; she personally has won six for ‘best director’ and one for ‘best non-sex performance’ while four awards have been given to some of her movies, including ‘Wrong side of the tracks’ and ‘the big and the easy’.

And that website I mentioned? If you go to you will find a whole host of information, images, clips and blogs by and about Chi Chi and her performers. If you sign up for it you will also be able to access the Live and Raw live shows and chat, Dirk Yates Live and other chat facilities. You can link over to the DVD store to order your own copies of her movies and, as a member of her site, you’ll benefit from a discount at the store and the pay per view. You get loads of images of the models and stills from these hot flicks and you also get to preview trailers, but you’ll have to pay to own the full length porn movies. The site also features news on the company, events and where you can see Chi Chi live in performance as herself and as a DJ. It’s a neat site with loads of features, (oh did I mention you also get access to four or five on-line magazines?) It’s a great place to start if you are interested in finding out what is going on in the gay adult entertainment industry.

What else can we say about Chi Chi LaRue apart from long may she rule!










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