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You’ve probably seen this name on many sites around the internet, it’s a name that seems to pop up every time you search for gay porn, college guys in particular. So who is Corbin Fisher? Well, for a start he’s a bit secretive. At least I couldn’t find out much personal information about him in any of my usual places. So, instead of telling you about the man himself, (maybe it’s a made up name?) I went to his site and had a look at that instead. Actually, before I tell you about the site I should mention that he does talk about his college years on the ‘orientation’ page of the public tour, but who knows if this is real or just part of the set up? gives you two tour options, Amateur College Men and Amateur College Sex and the first thing that strikes you about either of them is the quality of the photography. I’ve seen so many sites that feature quick-snap images of guys jerking off and having sex and, in the vast majority of them, the photography is pretty dodgy. You know the kind of thing: blurred images, poor lighting, even rough looking models who look like they’ve not washed for a week. But the Corbin Fisher photos are different. You can tell at a glance that the photographer knows what he’s doing. And so does the casting director as these models are handsome, well toned and well hot.

At the site you also get the impression that a lot of thought has gone into the design and set up. For example the Amateur College Men area is set up as a college website might be: you don’t sign up, you ‘enrol’, you don’t get a list of what’s in the members’ area you get an ‘orientation’ page and you also get a list of the Dean’s favourites; a list of the most popular college boys on the site. Those features add a kind of fun feel to the site and raise it above the level of ‘just another smooth-hunks site’.

Sadly you won’t see much in the way of amateur college cock on the tour, that treat is reserved for those who enrol, but you will see plenty of soft-core images to give you a good idea of what to expect once you’ve paid your $19.95 for a five day trial. (Automatically re-bills at the full monthly rate of $24.95 so read the small print.)


I haven’t seen an up to date review of the members’ area for quite a while but a couple of years ago there were around 200 videos and image galleries in the site and even in its early days the site was getting rave reviews and high scores. You do get a choice of bandwidths when you’re in the members’ area and the movies themselves come in full length versions so you can download an entire length video to watch at your leisure. Having said that the movies are ‘protected’ so you’ll probably have to remain a member to keep the movies playing on your PC. Again, in the older reviews I have seen, the reviewer praises the standard of photography and video making as well as the overall layout, design and usability of the site so it certainly looks like Corbin Fisher (whoever he is, is dedicated to bringing you top quality as well as top totty. (Totty by the way is an English word for do-able guys.)

So, if you want my opinion, if you have a thing for hunky, young (18 – 25) straight looking smooth guys who like to indulge in gay sex, then you could do a lot worse than check out the Corbin Fisher site. It’s got some of the best looking models and photography that I’ve seen in a long time.

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