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Let’s not be confused here, when I say Erik Rhodes I am talking about the porn star not the actor who appeared in movies in the 1930’s like ‘Top Hat’ and ‘On your toes’!

Erik Rhodes the porn star was born in Long Island, New York on February 8th 1982. He is six foot three, has brown hair and eyes and has a very masculine appearance which includes a small Chinese tattoo on the solid lump of muscle which is his right pec. With his hard muscles, chiselled chin and cropped hair, he could well play Action Man or Flash Gordon but considering the classic tough-guy looks he’s been given he, surprisingly, has been the bottom in every major porn flick he’s made. So there’s hope for us all! He is actually an exclusive Falcon Studios model and if you want to see him in action you can click on over to his own, Falcon sponsored, page at

This page is actually a portal to the Falcon Studios site and although it features Erik on the page you’ll be led to the start of the Falcon free tour. I am not complaining though as there are loads of smooth and hunky beefcakes on this tour and you get some good samples of them in the various kinds of action the members’ area has to offer. Live sex shows, streaming video and other members’ benefits wait for you when you decide to join; which you can do for $29.95 a month, a standard, recurring fee.

But back to Erik, what’s he done? Well, my on-line encyclopaedia lists him as appearing in nine movies with Falcon Studios. His first, ‘Flesh’ was released in 2004 and his most recent listing has him appearing in ‘The Velvet Mafia’ in 2006. He also appeared on the March 2005 cover of Unzipped Magazine and gave an interview in that edition. In the interview he tells us that he made a natural progression into gay porn. Starting out behind the counter of a porn shop he then went on to try exotic dancing and escorting before entering the movies. He wasn’t nervous at all about doing the movies and was directed by Chi Chi LaRue in his first ever scene. She, apparently, was a really good director to work with and he had no trouble getting down to business with the other guys in ‘Super Soaked’. He does admit, though, to sometimes losing his concentration when he’s topping, the pressure of having a film crew all around you I guess, but when he’s being bottom – like he is in the super charged and very hot ‘Heaven to Hell’ with Mathew Rush – he has no problem whatsoever and doesn’t care who’s watching. When he’s bottoming he’s enjoying himself and just lets himself go.

He comes across as a real nice guy and if you want more intimate details about him here are a few facts: He still lives in Long Island and he’s single, at least that was the case in 2005, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had snapped him up by now. His favourite magazines are Revolver, Blender and anything with him in it and he likes Tarantino movies. He is very straight acting and doesn’t seem to have much time for camp queens. Oh – and he has an 8.5 inch, uncut cock – I thought you’d like to know that.

So what’s next for Erik Rhodes? Well it’s hard to say but I would guess that he’s going to stay with Falcon for a while yet. He’s a perfect guy for that studio, hard muscles, straight acting, big cock and quite happy being top or bottom as long as he’s with other hunks like himself.








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