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When I was asked to research into Jeremy Lory, my first thought was ‘who the hell is he?’ I did my usual Google and tried various phrases to track him down as I’d heard he’d appeared in a new Falcon studios movie, ‘The Big Dick Club’. If he has then he’s changed his name again and one thing I’ll say for Jeremy, he’s a hard man to pin down.

From what I can make out Jeremy hit the likes of YouTube during 2005 and he hit them running. He has been described as being ‘the Paris Hilton of the webcam set’ having promoted himself as famous right from day one. There are lots of references to him out there on the web, a Google Image search will bring up two pages of images of Jeremy on a webcam, but sadly these links have now become inactive. My guess is that his performances on YouTube, where he licked chocolate from his biceps and showed off his very impressive, shaved cock, were rated too adult for a general viewing public. All the links I found to his YouTube… er, ‘performances’ returned the error message ‘The page has been removed due to terms of use violation.’ In other words: too sexual. But don’t despair…

After YouTube we have XTube where adult content is the order of the day and there I found three clips of Jeremy doing his stuff. He sure has got a great body and a nice cock, if you like them long, smooth, hard, pierced and cut. Oh, and straight too, as Jeremy Lory has made it clear that he is a straight guy, but one who loves showing off his cock to girls and gay guys alike. He’s also got a pretty cute face and loves to flash you a disarming smile from time to time. Simply go to sign in or sign up for free, and search ‘Jeremy Lory’ to get to the list of his appearances. There is another clip saved, by the looks of it from the YouTube days, at but there was no sound and the image was not too clear.

Doing a little more investigation and I found that his name appeared in a few forums. Folk out there had various things to say about him, some loved him and others found his on-cam act repetitive, dull and egocentric. It’s clear from all of this though that he did make a splash and I wondered if he had managed to get into porn movies. Apparently he can now be seen on and but these aren’t movie sites they are live webcam sites. Oh, and he also now goes by the name of Jeremy Star. That new name does kind of suggest that what some bloggers and forum posters out there have said, that he comes across as being conceited on account of his cute looks, good body and hot cock.

Finally I tracked down his own page at although he hadn’t been there himself since August 2006. And here I discovered that he is actually from Dublin, Ireland, is 22 and his birthday is on November 30th. There are some more webcam shots of his to be viewed here but sadly no blog entries so no other information other than he likes music and lists his friends as being people like Beyonce. You can, however ‘rate him’ which makes me think even more that he’s a guy who likes to show off and one who likes the complimentary traffic to go one way; towards him.

So, just what was all the Jeremy Lory fuss about? Was it just that he set himself up as famous when he posted his first candid webcam vids? Does he deserve the positive attention his clips have given him or is he just a poser hoping to make good? I couldn’t find him listed as Jeremy Lory or Jeremy Star in any studio produced gay porn vids but that’s not to say his big cut cock won’t pop up on a DVD anytime now. Check him out for yourself and see what you make of this slice of Irish beefcake

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