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Lance Bass spotted with Chi La Rue's Boys

Lance Bass, Josh Vaughn, Chi Chi Larue boysJosh VaughnJosh Vaughn

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A reader sent me these photos of Lance Bass taken in West Hollywood with a few of Chi Chi La Rue's gay porn boys.  Spotted in this fun pic with Lance Bass are upcoming Rascal exclusive Josh Vaughan and Benjamin Bradley.  Now how is it that Lance Bass is big pimpin’ with the gay porn stars?   There are many blogs online accusing Lance Bass of being gay but many celebrities enjoy themselves in West Hollywood and party with the gay boys. 

We also have to bring light to one of Chi Chi’s hotties in the gay porn scene (pictured above shirtless and in Playboy Bunny shirt).  Josh Vaughan is 19 years old and from West Texas.  I would love to see the porn with Lance and Josh but that may not be coming out for a long while. You know im kidding.

I am only hoping the next time I see a celebrity like Lance Bass out in the gay scene that we strip him of his shirt and get some better pics.












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