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Manhunt is basically a site that is about finding men. If you’re looking for Mr Right or Mr Right-now then the set up will help you locate the nearest and most suitable partner to where you live. (As long as you live in one of the countries the site currently caters for.) There were over 10,000 guys on-line when I took a look so you’re probably going to find someone close by who is looking for the same things as you. It calls itself an ‘innovative’ site and has various search options as we’ll see in a moment.

Let me take you through the registration process first as you’ll need to do this to see the free area. Create your username and profile by using the forms that appear when you click ‘next’. Not every country in the world is listed as yet but this shouldn’t stop you from creating a profile. It may stop you from creating an accurate one but you can always come back to that later. You will find help-links along the way if you have any questions about what information is required. When you get to the photo upload page you’ll be able to upload one main and three secondary images of yourself; they will need to be Jpegs and under 1Mb in size and it’s an idea to get them ready before your start registering. After the photo page (you don’t have to add an image) you should now be able to log in with the username and password you just created. Simple.

Now you’re inside the free members’ area and ready to explore what Manhunt has to offer. Check down the left menu for your various options: here you can change your availability so guys searching the database can see exactly when you will be available. And of course I mean available for sex but this is not just about sex; you can also alter your profile to let guys know exactly what you want, from friendship to chat. Actually the profile changing area is very simple to use and everything about the site is aimed at making your experience of it easy. 

There is also a search facility and you’ll need this to narrow down your search as there are thousands of guys registered at You can sort them out by country, distance from city or town and what they are into but I couldn’t find an age category to search by so the results you get seem to be in no particular order. Most guys though have put up a profile picture so you can see their face, or other part of their anatomy, as well as read a little bit about them and what they are looking for. To go further into their profile click on the pic and a new box appears. (You need to have pop-ups enabled for the site.)  

Now this is where you’ll need to become a member. As a non-paying guest you can only view three pages of search results per login. As a full member you get much more: like unlimited e-mails and searches, you can view full sized pics and see an unlimited amount of profiles. To sign up, first you must be logged in to the free area, then click on ‘account info’. Here you’ll see a ‘buy’ link to the join pages and membership will cost you $25.00 for 90 days, which isn’t bad. There are shorter periods, like $5.00 for seven days but grab the three month option for best value for money.

I’ve seen a variety of sites like Manhunt and this one compares pretty well. It’s obvious that to get full advantage from the site you will need to be a member but the sign up fee is very reasonable. If you do decide to join in the fun then set up your profile carefully; search and dating sites like this one are only as good as the membership input and the more honest you are and the more you show in your profile pictures the more you will get out of the site. Manhunt also has lots of information about and links to gay men’s health sites which is highly commendable so whatever you do and who ever you find there, the message is clear: have fun and play safe. Mobile

If you have a cell phone or pda you can access via mobile. It alerts members when you are mobile so they know you will be limited while you are on the go searching for a hook up.

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