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Yes, is completely free! All you need to do is register a username and password and you’re into a great contact and dating site; none of this ‘upgrade now for full benefits’ or anything like that; simply register, check your e-mail for the activation code, click and start searching for your mate.

Although there are quite a few adverts scattered around the pages in Adam4Adam they don’t get in your way too much and the site has to make money somehow. They do give you all the contacts and search facilities for nothing, so we’ll excuse them the ads. On the first page you can change and update your details, profile and information including your own pictures. Once you’re happy with it you will see that you have not only created your own profile but also your own webpage, and the address is generated for you. With this you can e-mail anyone you like and they can take a look at you with a click of their mouse.

So, you’re set up, you’ve uploaded your images and your contact details, what you like and who you are looking for, now what? Well I always like to search around and see who else is available near me. Click the search tab and you get a variety of search options. The country list is not yet a full list of countries around the world although the USA, Canada and the UK are divided up into states, counties etc. for more accurate searching. You can then narrow down your search by what the other guys are looking for (sex, mates, relationship etc.), their ethnicity, (white, black etc.) and what their sexual role is – or you can just choose ‘any’ to get a full list of guys in your chosen area, with or without photos. There is even a filter for HIV status which is something I have not seen on many dating sites.

Once you have clicked search you’ll see the results come up on the left: a small thumbnail, the guy’s handle (nick-name) and his basic stats. Click anyone who you like the look of and read his full profile centre screen. To see his full size photo click the image and a new box will pop up; guys tend to have a primary and secondary image available to all but I notice that many also have private pics which are ‘locked’, you’ll need to get in contact with them to see those. And getting in contact is easy as each profile you view has an instant e-mail message facility attached. You can also add guys to your friends list, send his profile on to someone else or block him from contacting you – in case you come across someone not very nice and couldn’t be bothered with him I guess!

There are a couple of other neat features at Adam4Adam worth a mention. Try the New Members tab to see who has recently joined – this is useful after you have spent hours looking through the current members list and have contacted everyone on it! You also get the option to ‘change the city’, basically this means you can quickly search for new members in any of the listed places. Back at your profile page you can put up adverts for parties and events and also let everyone know where and when you are travelling so you have an opportunity to set up meetings and dates before you go on holiday.

As far as contact and dating sites go I liked Adam4Adam. The community guidelines page gave a really friendly and helpful set of tips and advice for using the site; it was easy to operate, very quick to upload my profile and the various search options are very handy. As for the quality of the guys, well that’s up to members, the more pics you put up the more contacts you’ll make. And some of the guys’ pics are very sexy so don’t be shy, give it a try. You never know: Mr. Right could be waiting for you!

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