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Long is, not surprisingly, quite a common name for gay porn actors to adopt. I searched my Movie Mountain database and found 55 guys with Long as the surname appearing in the movies there. There was a Barret Long and a Barrett Long and this second one is the guy we’re looking at here.

And, as we are looking, our eyes are bulging out of their sockets. This guy deserves the name Long, after all he does have a foot long cock. That’s 12 inches of uncut dick to savour. (Only 11 in some reports but what’s an inch between friends?) He has appeared in at least 20 movies since the start of his porn career and it’s not just his dick that gets him work, though I suspect that is a big part of it. He also has a cute face with droopy eyes. He’s slightly muscled, not over the top, and he is 6’3” which is a fair old height. He has some hair on his chest and, as he develops his body, it would be nice to see this shaved from time to time. His legs are pretty hairy too but I've seen pics of him with shaved balls (which are also pretty huge) which is hot.

To be honest with you I actually found it quite hard to find any personal information about Barrett on the web, he seems to be quite a shy guy from what I can make out. I did discover that he was a ‘former serviceman’ but what service I don’t know. There were references in various databases to his own live sites but no sites exist at those pages now. But I did manage to find some information for you. I managed to trace the fact that his porn career started in 2002 when he appeared in ‘Playing with Fire’ from All Worlds Video directed by the famous Dirk Yates. At that time he was signed exclusively to them and then later semi-exclusively to Falcon Studios. That’s not a bad way to start a career in porn as Dirk is one of the well known and very well respected producers and directors in the industry.

More recently he seems to pop up everywhere working for a variety of studios. For example I found some titles from this year: ‘Pack Attack’ from Hot House Video, ‘Playback’ from Raging Stallion, and ‘Beach House Diaries’ from Men Of Odyssey. That’s three studios in three releases in one year.

More recently still you can find him appearing in more movies for Raging Stallion and the news is that he’s just filmed a hot scene or two where he is topping Roman Ragazzi. This movie (so far untitled) is due out in September 2007 and will be well worth looking out for. Continuing in my search I came to Raging Stallion Studios’ own site. If you go to and enter Barrett Long in the search box you’ll get to a page where you can see some photos of Barrett solo with his huge pole sticking out into the wind. You’ll also find a link to ‘Playback’ a hard-core, stud movie produced by Chris Ward and directed by Ben Leon. You can buy the DVD for the standard price of $59.99 (discounted from $69.99) and if you want to view before you buy there’s a trailer that streams at three speeds.

Well, they say a hard man is good to find and I found it hard to find much about Barrett Long – but what I did find was a filmography for him listing 21 movies over the last five years. And I also found him on various DVD sites, listed below. But what I found most about him was that although he has a big cock and enjoys using it on guys’ asses (apparently he is actually straight!) he also has a cute face to go with it and it’s that that endears him to me most.








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