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Frisky Summer #02 - Sebastian Lukas' Stories
This flick has it all: Tenderness, intimacy, humor, jumbo-sized uncut penises, wild sex scenes, including the biggest gay orgy ever filmed, and almost 70 extras. Lukas is a gay icon of the highest order. He is Technicolor perfection!

Bel Ami Video Starring: Lukas Ridgeston, Johan Paulik, Marty Beavins, Danny Clark, Timmy Conrad, Kristian Jensen, Eugen Kalman, Wille Ridgeston, Benjy Sanders, Peter Sidow, Filip Smirnov, Martin Valko - Your favorite Gay Twink Bel Ami stars

At last, a DVD celebrates the irrepressible Sebastian Bonnet, who made his debut in the Portugal scenes in the "Frisky Summer 2" VHS. Finally all the Portugal episodes are grouped together! The 4-way, Sebastian is gang-banged by 7 sexy stud-muffins & MORE

Bel Ami Video Starring: Sebastian Bonnet, Lukas Ridgeston, Julian Armanis, Erik Kovac, Dano Sulik, Milos Janek, Gynt Klein, Jiri Lubov, Pavel Otava, Alex Petersen

Frisky Summer #04 More Lukas' Stories
Think back on your summers of lustful innocence. So much time on your hands. So its time to explore yourself and time to explore your best friend! The six episodes in Frisky Summer 4 are happy, playful and joyful expressions of your youthful sexuality.

Bel Ami Video\DVD Starring: Tim Hamilton, Danny Saradon, Julian Armanis, Daniel Avedon, Marcel Bouvier, Pierre Delon, Adrian Kinski, Gilles Marais, Robbie Martin, Ken Russel

Studded with one delectable performer after another, infused with the uninhibited joys of male-male sex, frosted with the superlative videography we have come to expect from the series, and most of all, blesses with the glamorous stars!

Bel Ami Video and DVD Starring: Lukas Ridgeston, Stefan Andersen


Click here for Bel Ami Videos and DVD! Bel Ami Studios brings you the hottest gay boy studs on video. Catch gay porn stars like Lukas, Julian, Bel Ami Personal Trainer, and more!

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We recommend one Bel Ami star studded video called Cover Boys starring Julian Armanis, Max Orloff, Ion Davidov, Adam Cartier, Martin Eden, Ivan Fjodorov, Nikola Gismondi, Marek Kodes, Justin Marino, Jacques Mellies, Karl Moser, Filip Olivier, Karl Tenner, Oleg Vronski. Order Cover boys.

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One of our favorite gay male porn stars is Lukas Ridgeston, who has done porn in Germany, Europe, and the United States for Bel Ami Video. Lucas is 5'10 175lbs and a hot young man. He started out under the name of Jan in a low budget film from Germany. To find out more on Lukas Ridgeston click here for Bel Ami biography and ordering information.

Read our review of the Bel Ami Online website.

New: Bel Ami photos of their models can be found inside a book by a famous photographer. These are homo-erotic pictures that look like the inside of an Abercrombie and Fitch magazine. The hardcover sells for around $50 at Amazon. Goto Amazon and search for Howard Roffman Meets the Boys of Bel Ami.


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