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I wanted to find out some more about this Lucas Entertainment performer, (the one that Chad Hunt had a run in with in a Virgin Megastore, demanding to measure his dick in a ‘who’s bigger’ spat – but that’s another story,) so I tracked down his MySpace page. ben andrews of lucas entertainment( Although his last visit was a few months before mine there were some blog entries keeping fans up to date with his work. There wasn’t really any personal information from Ben in the form of a biography as such but I could piece together some bits of information from what he had put on his space.

He’s big in the dick department that’s for sure, (more about that later). He’d like to meet Wilfried Knight and Brent Corrigan, (and who wouldn’t?) he has loads of friends and is obviously a popular guy. He’s gay – none of this gay guy pretending to be straight nonsense that some porn stars come out with – and he’s currently single. He was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1985 and in 2005 worked as a lifeguard, in April 2006 he started exclusively with Lucas Entertainment and, as far as I know, is still making porn movies for them.

To check out that last fact I went over to the official home of Michael Lucas’ porn move empire. There is a model index there and Ben’s comes with the official announcement that he “is the proud owner of the biggest dick in the industry”. He appears in eight movies including the now famous Encounters 3: Flash Point with Chad Hunt – himself the owner of a very impressive member. You will find all the details about the movies that star Ben when you browse around the model index but in a nutshell you have: Encounters 3: Flash Point, 2006 – (GayVN nominated best threesome), four stud scenes; Auditions volumes 10 and 12, five newcomer scenes each; La Dolce Vita parts 1 and 2, (which won 14 GayVN awards in 2007), stylish and hot; The Bigger the Better, six actors in three hard scenes; The Intern, 2007 which has five scenes plus bonuses and extra features, and finally the latest release Cruising Budapest 2 which also stars Michael Lucas himself. You can find all these movies linked from the preview pages at Lucas Entertainment and at ( which is Ben’s model index page, and joining the site is something of a bargain at $24.00 a month. For that you can view all the movies on line for as long as you stay a member as well as the galleries and you get a 25% discount at the DVD store.

The Lucas site also features galleries and audition material of Ben as well as the scenes from all of their movies and there are also discounted DVDs for sale. You can own a Ben Andrews DVD from as little as $24.95 (auditions). And, so they say, coming soon is a life sized and life like Ben Andrews dildo… is this man going to knock Jeff Stryker off the top spot for life-like dildo sales I wonder?

And just how big is that dick? Well, you can guess for yourself by viewing his DVDs and galleries at Lucas Entertainment. * The rumour is that he is another of these 11 inch monsters but then I've read that Chad Hunt has 12 (or 11) and although these two work together there seems to be a bit of a competition going on between them as to who actually does have the biggest.

But does it really matter when you’re as cute as Ben? I mean he is smooth, athletic, well built and has a very sexy look so the size of his dick isn’t the most important thing about him. Is it? Now that you will have to judge for yourself.







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