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Blake Mason

Everyone is talking about him; his name is all over the adult, gay, areas of the net. I've seen write ups about him and his work, he has his own website… so who is Blake Mason and what is all the fuss about?

Well, actually ‘he’ isn’t any one person; ‘he’ is two British guys Jason Blake and Adam Mason who have joined forces to change the world’s perception of Brits and gay porn. They say that Great Britain has never been known for producing great gay porn (though maybe sites the and would not agree), and, since 1998, they have set themselves the goal of changing this.

And how are they achieving this? For a start, they say, their site only features 100% UK guys in 100% original, in house, exclusive movies. They release a new solo film every Thursday and a new action one every weekend – that’s a pretty tight schedule but then again there are lots of horny British guys willing to get their rocks off for the camera. But don’t forget their mission is to make good quality porn and so it’s not just about quantities here. They use a variety of filming techniques including using two cameras for a solo and three for a couple, guaranteeing that you never see the crew in any shots – only the guys enjoying the hot sex. They also film in DVD quality, (high resolution) which means you end up with a viewing size that is 768 x 576 and running at 2500 kbps.

If you check out the ‘About’ page on their site you’ll also see their professional message. They almost appear to be having a go at other webmasters but stating – a couple of times – that they are about making movies for the members to view and they are not making them for their own sexual kicks; they don’t give their models Viagra or other stimulants and they treat their models with respect. This, they say, is what leads to a quality performance, gets us – the punters – a great end product and it’s what has made Blake & Mason the friendliest UK porn producers. Their words.

Take a stroll through their site and you’ll see the various parts that will be open to you as a member when you join for the reasonable price of $30.00 which, by the way, reduces to $25.00 per month after the first month. You can preview some films on the tour and these are configured for quick playing so they are into the full, high resolution version you get inside. All I will say about these previews is that they are hot. Very hot. So hot…

There’s a neat blog on the site too, Mason’s Diary, which will keep you up to date with all the site news, the latest models, the upcoming films and guys and so on. It’s a real insider view of the world of gay porn, making it and appearing in it. And, talking of models, they are a varied set of horny guys. There are young and smooth lads with fit bodies and attitude, there are slightly older guys with hairy legs and defined chests and all manner of other hunks in between. You’ll only find fit and hung here and the sex, the action scenes I saw, are performed with relish – it’s like they’re not performing at all really, it’s like we’ve caught two guys really having hard sex as they forget the cameras are rolling and the production team just let them get on with it.

This makes me think that Blake Mason’s philosophy of porn making is right. Treat the guys with respect and make them feel relaxed and then simply let them get down to some hard-core, safe and horny gay sex. It works and what’s more, it British!





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