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Chad Hunt was born in Wadsworth, Ohio in 1973 to Croatian-American parents. He was married for four years, divorcing in 1996 and has one son. He is 5’10” tall and weights 160 pounds. There, that’s the introductions out of the way, now we can talk sex.

Porn star Chad Hunt certainly seems to have had a lot of that, and gay sex too. Although he’s ‘straight’ (I suspect Bi) he has appeared in a shed load of gay movies. Checking around various sources I found him appearing in 55 movies between 2000 and 2007. I also found him winning eight Adult Erotic Gay Video Awards and six GayVN awards so he’s what you might call hot stuff. Although most of these awards were back in the early days he did win one this year, ‘best top’ 2007 according to The WebHo XXX awards. And that’s something about him you will notice as you view his performances; he is always a top and with that sized cock the lucky bottoms won’t be complaining.

Chad Hunt started his porn career in 2000 with ‘Fire Island Cruising’ for Lucas Entertainment. He signed a contract with the same company and, although their relationship was on the rocks for a while in 2005/2006 it’s back to business now and Chad is directing for them. In 2006 he graduated from Hunter College in New York City with a Social Studies/Education degree (how do these porn stars find the time to study?) and is now setting up his own production company, Priapus.

Here’s an amusing story I found while searching for more information on Chad. According to back in June 2006 Chad crashed an appearance by Michael Lucas (and others) at a Virgin store in Union Square. He (allegedly) demanded to be allowed to measure Ben Andrew’s penis so that he could prove it was shorter than his. He was taken away by security. And who said it is only gay performers who are divas?

Anyway, back to the sex scenes: Where can you find this guy on line to view him, to find out what is so special about him to have won all those awards and appeared in all those movies? Well, there’s a comprehensive collection of his DVDs to buy at and also at my favourite place (enter his name in the star search). For something right up to date check out ‘Pack Attack 3’ from Hot House Video, a 90 minute hard-core shoot with six stars (including Barrett Long) directed by Michael Clift.

However, if you want to see this stud’s 11” piece of meat in action right now you can click on over to Lucas Entertainment’s own site where you can grab scenes, clips and galleries and where you can also find his DVD appearances. Included on the site is the scene that is fast become legendary: it is from ‘Encounters 3: Flash Point’ where Chad appears in a threesome scene with new exclusive Ben Andrews who is another guy with a huge dick. There are great sign up deals at with membership starting at $24.00 for 30 days. You can tap into thousands of streaming clips there and see the models’ auditions too. They have a blog, news and the DVD store so you can collect all of Chad’s movies as well as keep up to date with what he’s going to do next. You also have the Lucas blog which gives away free information and clips from time to time. For example there is a clip here ( featuring Chad Hunt and Rod Barry.

Apart from all that porn making and awards winning, study and directing, Chad has also found time to make five TV appearances, including the Ricki Lake show and 60 Minutes and has been featured in four books. My advice to you is to head on over to Lucas Entertainment and search him out for yourself to see what all the fuss is about. You won’t regret it.







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