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Circle Jerk Boys PicI vaguely remember ‘circle jerks’ hitting the world of gay slang several years ago and probably from America. Basically, as I understand it, it was a kind of party where guys got together and jerked off – a kind of safe, safe-sex party where the rules were laid down before you arrived: No unsafe sex, no clothes (apart from shoes maybe) and no questions asked; mutual masturbation on a group scale I suppose. If you check out various on-line encyclopaedias you’ll also see that it is a kind of ritual for teenage boys in boarding schools, camps and sleepovers, but we won’t go into that part of growing up here.

Whether the adult version was invented as a safe way of indulging in group sex after the advent of HIV, or whether it’s always been around but under a different name, the sure thing now is that there is a very well known website called ‘Circle Jerk Boys’.

This site takes the original theme of a circle jerk – straight guys seeing who can shoot the furthest, no gay stuff involved – and move it one or two stages further on. They say you get 100% straight guys in the members’ area but as some of the tour images show full on gay sex I doubt that all of the guys are truly straight. But having said that, the information from the webmasters is quite clearly stated: all their guys are 100% straight. Take a look and make up your own mind I say. You see it’s not a site that features only guys jacking off in a circle, there’s anal and oral action to be viewed too. O.K. so some of the guys appear nervous, or out of place when they start fondling the other guy’s cock but before long they’re sucking and taking dick like they’ve been doing it all their lives. Anyway, enough about that…

A quick run down the tour pages and you’ll get a good idea of the kind of guys and action you’ll get if you sign up. There are three short trailers to be had and plenty of thumbnails. There is also a lot of text on the individual tour pages outlining the video shoot, who is in each one and giving links to individual models’ write ups and list of scenes. It’s almost like a whole site in itself except that you can’t view the clips or larger pics until you join.

To join in the on-line virtual circle jerk party will cost you €7.95 for seven days or €23.95 for thirty days with offers on longer membership period. Note that those prices are in Euros. (For dollars they are $9.95 and $29.95) At the join page you can select your country and, where possible, the price will be shown in your currency – or else in US Dollars. I mention that because I think it’s a great feature and shows that this site goes a bit further than many others when it comes to thinking about its customers.

Just to finish off this quick whiz around ‘circle jerks’ I checked out a few other definitions: Circle jerks have nothing to do with guys jerking off onto cookies. Circle jerks have EVERYTHING to do with guys jerking off onto cookies and the last one to cum eats it. Yuk. It’s when politicians get together to stroke each other’s egos – a metaphorical circle jerk. It’s a Sumo Wrestling based game on MXC (Japanese game show). You can stand or sit for a circle jerk. Circle jerks were invented by the Australians. It is when webmasters direct surfers around in circles and you can never find the site you were promised. Very naughty and we would never do that here.

Boy Circle Jerk Off

By the way – if you see a group of guys standing around in a circle and chatting don’t assume there’s a circle jerk going on and rush in with your dick out – they may just be talking about the weather. I would play safe and join if I were you.

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