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There is something mysterious and sexy about guys from Eastern Europe. You may have heard of Johan Paulik, one of the first of such guys to bring the world of East European twink porn to mass attention. Well, the guys who appear at are no less stunning, desirable and horny.

It’s not often that I get to rave about a site, being naturally sceptical about tour promises, but this is one I've been asked to review on several occasions and at each visit it simply gets better. And I don’t just mean bigger – it does that too with daily updates, but the quality of everything remains high and there is so much to do and see here that it’s like a daily newspaper. It lands on your monitor with something new every 24 hours – not many sites can boast that excellent update record.czech twins fucking

But is it just about boys from the Czech Republic? No, there is more to it than that, The Czech boys of the title are the main diet of course, smooth, young, hung and totally sexy. You can catch them in solo photo sets, action ones and videos, with most content being made exclusively for the site. You will see that the exclusives and the non-exclusives are separated out so the site isn’t trying to fool you into thinking that everything here is made by them. It’s an honest site to say the least.

But what is all this content? Well, I don’t want to dazzle you with numbers but: there are over 700 models, each with his own gallery of 200 to 300 pics, there are 120 + exclusive movies and over 200 non-exclusive ones. There are 184 stories and on-going adventures with new chapters added every two weeks and there are eight, full length novels – all with gay themes or characters; this is classy erotica. They also tack on 50 feed sites plus the news, comedy pages, articles, games, travel news and member’s polls, so you can get interactive too.

The site runs along the lines of a magazine/newspaper with thousands of pages, and new ones being added every day. The best way to see what’s going on, when you first arrive, is to click the table of contents link. This will bring up links to the exclusive area, the licensed content area and an area with everything else listed. There is also a list of pages from one to 3,205 – you’re not going to be short of something to do here are you? If you’re too mind-boggled by all this content you can find a random page by clicking the random page link, and see what you get. This is great fun: I just did it and found a cute 25 year old boy with galleries and videos that I could download and stream. I could sit and do that all day. And talking of fun remember to check out the Comedy Lounge and those other extras that you don’t normally find on an adult site.

All in all you've got everything you could want here, as long as you’re not into bears, older guys and so on – it’s a twink and jock site with guys from all over the world but with the focus being mainly on the exclusive Czech Boys. It’s been running a long time, they know what they are doing, they’ve never missed a daily update and you get all that content (in a choice of four languages) and all those extras for a very sensible $37.81 a month – you can sign up in any of six currencies from Euros to Yen.

But just remember: it’s not quantity that counts it’s quality. But at Czech Boys you get both.







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