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Dudes Off Campus at first glance looks like a porn blog site and has been running since 2005. The thing I like about blogs is that you get all kinds of varied information, news, gossip and free pics and I find them more interesting than many membership sites, to be quite honest. I was trying to find out exactly what was about and so checked back over the previous news stories. That’s the thing about blog sites, well this one, you have to look through everything to get an idea of what the theme of the site is. Some blogs are specific and others are more wide ranging in content. This one, Dudes, is mainly about young guys 18 to 25 at a guess and is a cool place to come just to hang out, see what’s new and make new friends.

There’s a regular newsletter sent out which carries information about what’s new on the site and announces competitions, winners, new pics and what’s coming up. If you go to the ‘hot or Not’ page on the free tour you’ll get an idea of the membership as there are thumbnails of the guys who logged in most recently. To see everything though you’ll need to sign up and join and this will cost you from $10.00 for one month. You can pay by credit card or check and choose whether to have your membership recurring every month or not.

To get more of an idea of what you’re buying into you can check out the photos page. They have over 35,000 images in the members’ area with the emphasis on jocks, frat boys and college dudes. Many of these are real amateur pics, real college guys getting their cocks out to show off and you can view more or less all of them for free but only in thumbnail size pics. You can sample larger pics but the quality is very much reduced, once again, signing up will allow you to not only see the full pics at the proper quality but will bring you other benefits too: You can create a profile, upload your images, vote on who is the hottest guy and watch the video clips for example.

Staying with the free stuff though, you do get a link to the free clips and movie of the day. Actually there were six clips when I was there: action, amateur, Thugz, blowjob, bodybuilder and classic. These streamed into a small media player on-line that also carried links to the pay per view theatre where you can buy, or rent, the entire movies that they were advertising. There was also a free movie of the day, five 1MB parts to download to your machine which seems like pretty good value.

There are also hot stories posted on the site with two tales on the free home page. These had photos attached to them to help you along and were a good read. They come from members and, although they were quite long, were very entertaining. I assume there are more of the same inside the members’ area.

The only problem I had with Dudes Off Campus when I looked around it was: I was not too sure what I was signing up for. I mean, I knew there are images and stories, videos and competitions inside and I did get a pretty clear idea of what was available but if I was going to join a club or a group I’d want to know exactly what it was all about. So it was kind of guess work, I assume that the site favors college jocks by the title and the sample images but is it a free for all blog site or a contact and dating site or a pics and video site? At the end of the day I decided that it is a bit of everything and that by joining I would find out. It’s not expensive so it wouldn’t hurt to sign up and take a good look around.

If you do not live on a campus and do not get the amusement of seeing college hotties in person at places such as the UCLA organizations then you might need your own membership to feel like you are part of the group. A site such as Dudes off Campus can make you feel more like you are involved in the action instead of on the sidelines or sitting in that chair behind the hottie.












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