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Gay escorting in a bad economy

The world is in economical meltdown. Some countries are dragging themselves out of recession, some are deep in it, others are not affected, some have always been in such a state, and the financial world has gone to hell in a handbag.

Where does that leave the boys who make their living from being escorts? And where does it leave punters who have to watch their cash? Does anyone have any left over change for a night out with a cute young guy, perhaps with extras involved? Loads of questions and only some speculative answers.

I guess you have to decide what is escorting and what is street hustling. Guys who go ‘on the game’ for cash to fuel habits or simply to keep themselves afloat may well be more at risk from, as well as many other things, the economic crisis. Passing trade may be on the downfall because people simply don’t have enough cash. But that could equally as well apply to guys who escort through agencies and websites. These are the guys who put up profiles on specific sites and who offer more than a quick blow job in a hotel room. And that, to my mind, suggest that they will probably be better off than the boys on the streets who rely on guys passing on a whim; men who see a street hustler and think, ‘Why not?’

What I mean is that men who pick up a phone and dial an escort, men who find themselves in a hotel room on business and ask the concierge, discretely, to find them a companion, and men who visit the escort houses in such places as Amsterdam, probably have more spare cash than the ordinary guy on the street. Consider the difference between the closeted gay married man who has a family to support and the businessman who doesn’t have to pay for his hotel and meals. The first will simply have less spare cash, the other more. Maybe that’s very simplistic but it’s a view put forward by a few articles I have read recently, and it’s a logical one.

So what about the boys? What’s the best way for them to go when their punters can’t afford all that they could afford a year ago?

There are a few ways of fighting the slowdown in trade. You can drop your prices, you can offer the same service for less cash – but how do you advertise that if you’re a street boy and your first contact with your punter is a face to face one? I guess you answer the question ‘How much?’ with some kind of special offer. I also checked out some reports and news articles which, although they didn’t focus on male escorts, gave me some ideas which I can pass on. The main one being that the financial crisis has brought about a rise in the number of people attending job fairs. So, that looks like a potential place of extra income for our boys – the rationale being: the more men in one place the more likelihood there is of trade. But of course, these guys are looking for work the same as our escorts are.

And how about the guys who work independently? The ones who advertise on social networking sites and so on? My view is that things won’t change much here. It seems, from chatting to webmasters and guys who make porn, that there is still a demand for porn and also for sex. While some people are tightening belts others continue to loosen them; there has always been and will always be a market for sex, whether it’s online, in published form or in the flesh. It’s the oldest profession and it's not going away any time soon.

So, plenty of questions and no definite answers but one conclusion; sex is here to stay, money or no money, when you want to get off with an escort you'll find that money.

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