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Review of and more EURO Czech action including Bel Ami.

European Twink Sites Get the Hot Boys

In the world of gay porn Twinks are a huge seller. This makes finding the best of what’s available a long and difficult task; there are thousands of twink sites out there so where do you start?

Start by understanding what a twink is: it’s a term generally recognised to relate to a guy who is between 18 and 25 years of age, smooth, boyish looking and – if you want to be mean – rather vacuous and dim. It’s a matter of opinion, that last one, and remember that this is only how twinks are portrayed; many 18 to 25 year old porn stars have a great head for business as well as a great body for sex.

And that’s what twink sites are all about; sex. Sex between younger guys, or solo twinks, or sometimes twinks and older men, in which case it’s called intergenerational. I believe that the term originated in the USA but, for a change, I searched out some European twink sites that I’d heard of before. features loads of Russian twinks and Russia seems to be the biggest producer of European gay porn at the moment. It’s not always necessarily the best, some Russian sites manage better than others and I've seen some great content from Germany, Holland and Great Britain. But Russian twink porn is probably the most prolific and so, at Livethru, you’re promised lots of young guys in hardcore scenes. 98 videos and 1,145 galleries were on offer when I took the tour and there were plenty of fresh faced young guys to tempt you further into the site.

czech twins fuckingHaving seen that Russian site I thought I’d try other countries and came across Boys Of Estonia at These were sample galleries and only one part of a larger, generic site so I moved on to These hot young twinks come from all over the Eastern European states and countries so you have a good mix of nationalities represented here. The same goes for the consistently excellent that has not only gorgeous young things from the Czech Republic and other countries but which also has stories, regular features and articles and is as close to a real life magazine as you will get. That one is highly recommended by me particularly as one of the best of the Czech gay sex sites available to you.

Continuing my search for European Twinks I came across a whole load of sites that had Europeans mixed in with Latinos, black and other ethnicities. They all carried hot and wonderful twink pics and videos though and I guess the only way to find out if these twinks are really from European countries is to listen to the dialogue that you may find on the videos. has some great images, trailers and boys on the tour. William Higgins (he of the cowboy/stud flicks of the past) is now living and working in Eastern Europe and lets you see the finished products as well as gives you backstage access: there are behind the scenes features, clips and news too and the boys are, of course, to die for.

I can’t go without mentioning where you find only Turkish lads. Well hung, well sexy and well worth a visit. And of course you are going to find general twink sites that contain boys from across Europe; finding country specific ones is hard work though but perseveres and you will be rewarded with some very fine twink specimens from countries like Italy, France, Germany and Eastern Europe.






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