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I was in a very naughty, horny mood this week and was on the prowl for the hottest toy store that offered the cheapest prices and was shocked by my discovery.  I looked at the gay friendly toy stores compared to the straight stores and found some were cheaper in prices while others just had perks like free shipping. 

Adam & Eve currently has the #1 most popular Adult toy store but they specialize in erotica for straight couples or female clientele.  If you spend over $49 you get free shipping and while I was checking out the site they even offered a free $10 coupon towards another purchase if you spent over $50.  That is two great discounts at the webs most trafficked toy store.  Yet there was another discount of their lube for $3.00. 

I took all these discounts and ordered a Mighty Man Trigger Pump, Hot Rod Enhancer, Kimono Micro Thin condoms (condoms made thinly from Japan), the Adam & Eve lube and got free shipping.  I was happy to get all this in my order but was very dissatisfied with their other product selection because they had no blow up dolls and very few useful gay niche adult toys. 

Another complaint I had about the site was that the Realistics for Men were all Female Pussy or breasts which doesn’t do much for us gays.  I then ventured on to some other adult toy stores online to size things up some.

I have used this toy store on my Boizone site for years now and have not really checked it out thoroughly until now.  Yes, I know that is bad but when I added it there was no other site I could find that would allow me to have my own customized sex store.  I was impressed with the outcome.

I was impressed with the lower prices that some of the other sex stores.  One of the more expensive gay adult stores online was the store who and other sites use as a customized site.  I wanted to support a gay store but their prices are so high that there is no way I would spend money on that site (unless maybe he sends me a few free samples). 

The site also only featured a few blow up dolls, overly priced penis pumps, and very few bareback dvd names. 

A few examples of the gay adult toys compared:

Boizone's Gay Toy Store(Sex-Superstore)

TES® Total Erection System
 (vacuum pump)
5 Star Ratings

$69.95 (Sale Price on



Latex Extension 4 Inch




Anal Lube 6oz.
by Doc Johnson




As you can see above the Boizone store we use is much cheaper on most products than the store and offers more products than the store as well.  You can also see in the table above that offers cheaper prices on lubes compared to the other sites.  We also found that was also much cheaper than (even with free shipping involved).

A few cool things that I purchased in the Boizone toy store was the Manline Bondage Starter Kit which was under $20 and the Penis Enhancer Cage With G-Spot (Blue) under $10.  I think the penis enhancer would be fun to make my dick longer and add more girth to penetrate my partner better.  I am excited to get these boy toys soon.

The Manline Bondage Starter Kit was a product I did a few searches on and it was way overpriced on selling at $58.  When you can buy it on our toy store for under $20.  I will say that who owns all the Condom Sense retail stores had the bondage kit at the same low price as our program. This bondage kit comes with 4 wrist and ankle restraints that have 44” connector straps and a blindfold.

Now let’s look at love dolls for boys and men.  I am looking for a blow up or realistic love doll that has a hot hole to fuck, cute face, and big dick.  I found none on or on the Condom Sense USA site.  I found a male doll that was amazingly real on a site called  I mean it definitely could do some porn videos of its own it looks so real.  It could even possibly keep burglars out of your home when you are out of town or act as a scarecrow in a garden to keep the birds away.  I am sure you can think of more sexual things you could do with this Real Doll which you can select a 9” or a 7” hard or even a 2” limp dick.   You can also pick its hair colors and eye colors but I think the price is in the thousand dollar range so don’t get too hard thinking about this new boyfriend that doesn’t talk back.

Looking for a cheaper life like doll we go back to our adult toy store where we found a few good ones including a John Holmes Vibrating Doll with a hung cock to bounce on.  The site also has a good selection of life like male love dolls including some she-male dolls for those really freaky boys.  We found the Construction man doll on many sites so this guy must really get around. 

Here are my favorites of the male love dolls (the first one is the only one that is not a vinyl, inflatable doll):

  1. Life Like Companion
  2. John Holmes Deluxe Doll with a huge 8” cock on $154.93, $124.95 on PeCash
  3. Bareback Mount Him with a 7” cock and tight ass to ride all night long.  This is a plastic life size doll that sells for only $27.99.
  4. Jason Doll with a simple ass, blow job mouth, 7” dick, featured on for $192.00
  5. Jullian Doll with vibrating balls, veined and rotating hard dick, muscular body sold at  $167.00,  $160.95 PeCash
  6. Man Of The Year Love Doll - $27.99

Topco Sales offered one of the hottest male love dolls I found online.  The Bareback Mount Him Life-size Doll that is inflatable.  It may be more of a party gag than a toy to play with though.  I could not find a picture of it out of the box.  The more I read about this product is that it has a 7” gun that squirts and a mouth for blow jobs.  I still think this is more for the novelty types.  Plus the Topco Sales website is horrible to navigate if you wish to browse it is better to find a better sex store with easier navigation (even though they are a major supplier).  I also noticed that Topco Sales owns the line of BoiToyz who can be found at  They do not have any gay toys for sale on this site but you can find their full portfolio of penis pumps, enhancers, and butt plugs.

Boi Toyz™ Handy Andy Masturbator comparisons:  We found the Adam Male site had this product for $59.95 compared to the cheaper Cheap Lube site which was $35.

Cheap Lube Online
There is no site cheaper than that I found offered the best deals on all major brands of lube., Amazon, and even Biz Rates top retailers could not compare to the prices of Swiss Army,

Things to look for in an Adult Sex Store

  • Discreet Shopping – make sure the packages are delivered to you in a way that does not out your sexuality or involve the UPS man or your neighbors finding out your personal fetishes.
  • Free Shipping or Low Prices – You normally have to give up one or the other I have found with online shopping.
  • Gay Friendly – I always try my best to find sex stores that support gay causes or are GLBT-owned.








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