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We all like something for nothing don’t we? Of course, everyone does. Well my task today is to search out gay, adult membership sites (also known as pay sites) that have special offers and let you in to the members’ areas for under $1.00.

Ok, there are two things to be aware of here and, as someone who spends their life reviewing adult pay sites, I do know what I am talking about. One: not all trials give you full access, some don’t let you download the videos or see absolutely everything until you are a full member – by which they mean paying the monthly membership fee. Two: most, if not all, pay sites will have somewhere on them a clause which says that it is your responsibility to cancel your trial membership before the next billing period. If your trial is for only 24 hours you need to sign up and then cancel immediately if you don’t want to pay the full monthly charge. So, those two things in mind, here is a list of special offers I found.

$1.00 for three days’ trial: I happen to know that this is mainly a feed site with Asian and other ethnic content but sadly nothing exclusive or downloadable, still worth a view though. has a collection of clips from gay movies, it’s simple but not too original. is a bit better with single, solo, straight looking hunks jerking off to see if they are up to appearing in a porn movie – again it’s simple and not too original and I'm starting to think that these sites that offer a $1.00 trial might do so because they’re not the best sites in the world. is also running a virtually free offer. Here you are promised a large collection of guys in and out of military uniform and military themed gay sex videos and pics too. There are plenty of tempting sample pics on the page and blogs, archives and other interesting things to view so it looks like we may have found a good offer at last. It’s not a site I've been in to though so I can’t say for sure what you will find inside. is also up for grabs for three days and promises you hours of hot twink flicks. They are also giving away access to eight other sites with your membership (may be they mean full membership – this could be one of those times when you need to pay the monthly fee to access everything). I couldn’t resist having a look at this one, not with that title. It’s hot and hard cowboy sex here with studs and hunks with big dicks and hard bodies. Makes a nice change from twink sites; these guys are real men and on offer too. Is offering videos and pics of hot Latino boys and men for three days before you automatically re-bill at the standard $24.95 a month. And that’s a point worth making – the monthly fees of websites varies but, to my mind, you shouldn’t expect to pay more than $30.00 every month for a site. is the place to go for a three day cheap look at some amateur looking guys in bareback sex scenes. This site comes as part of a package with other bonus sites and feeds so looks to be good value for money. will take care of all your ebony needs with hot black sex in videos and picture galleries.

That’s kind of a quick tour around a little bit of everything but don’t forget that although we like something for nothing, you really get something for nothing and you should watch out for: sites that have no exclusive content and rely on feeds only, sites that re-bill you within 24 hours, remember to cancel if you don’t want to stay a member and sites that share the same content but have different names.

But also watch out for the genuine and good offers. Good quality gay porn is well worth paying for!







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