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I was just wandering around inside the web while having a cigarette (I must give up in the New Year, yeah – like that’s going to happen) and thought, ‘I wonder how many good smoking fetish sites I can find’. Gay smoking fetish sites that is, of course. So I did a few searches and here are some brief details of some of the sites that I found.
This site has a very good tour and divides itself up into solo smoking boys, duos and groups and multiples – where guys smoke more than one cigarette at a time. You can also see stills from their videos on the tour. The guys are young and cute and of course there is plenty of smoking going on. There is also a link to a DVD store that features smoking DVDs.
I looked at the tour on this site and found it full of sample pics of guys smoking. Cigarettes and cigars mainly and all kinds of guys, all ages and builds but all with something lit in their hands or mouths. There were 32 picture galleries but you’ll have to sign up to see them. There were also sample stills from their movies which involve full gay sex while smoking. (Now that could be a bit tricky if you get his cock and his cigar mixed up, ouch!) (site no longer works)
This site is a member of the UGAS network. One UGAS pass will get you into parts of hundreds of varied gay sex sites. All that could tell me about its smoking section was that ‘Sexy Ralph jacks his dick while enjoying yet another cigarette.’ And there were a few pics of him doing just that. I suspect the smoking fetish material is just a small part of a wider site.
OnlySmokers is part of the Cyber Age collection of sites and you’ll need a Cyber Age pass (or UGAS) to access the content. It shows you a few images of hunky guys with fags in their mouths but that’s about it. (Fags by the way is an English word for cigarette, as well as an American word for a gay man – no pun intended.)
This is part of the set up and you’ll need to scroll down the page a little to find the smoking samples. Here it’s all about smoking weed, I guess, and you get lots of sample pics of guys both old and younger with a joint in their mouth. Some of the guys are naked, some having sex and some are just face or clothed pics.
There is more of the same here, with lots of free pics of guys smoking. Scroll down the page to get to the smoking pics and ignore the top banner of hetro images.
If you like black guys and cigarettes you can find a couple of free galleries at this site. It’s part of Thugs Porn Collection that features black and Latino guys in gay sex vids and pics. I’m not sure how much of it is dedicated to the smoking fetish though.
This quick tour will give you three galleries of mainly older, hairier men sucking their big fat cigars, and I mean real cigars not the big fat ones between their legs.
Just as it sounds: Hunks smoking! The guys tend to be big butch and hairy bodybuilders wearing leather and striking macho poses as they puff on their cigars and cigarettes. There are loads of free thumbnails to view and you can sign up for a newsletter.
This is a well put together Australian site dedicated to the smoking fetish. There is plenty of information about how the site came about and what you can access when you sign up. They also have smoking fetish DVDs to buy.

These are only a few of the smoking fetish sites that are out there. Check their link pages when they have them as a good website should link to other sites with the same or similar themes.













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