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More and more these days I am seeing ‘solo’ sites. These are adult sites that feature one guy at a time jacking off (sometimes there are two together but they are only jacking themselves off, nothing harder.) And more and more of these are featuring straight guys – it’s like your slightly hunky straight American dude has suddenly found a new pastime – making money jacking off for the camera. So, if you like to look in on solo guys jacking then things are on the up for you. Let me take you on a quick whiz around some of the solo jack off sites I've seen on the net recently.

And let’s start for free with where you can access parts of X-tube for free, take a look around and you will see both amateur and professional performers doing sexy stuff in front of their web cams. Some clips are stolen from adult sites and put up and there is a bit of a fuss going on about that at the moment but by far the best things on the site are the real amateur guys. You can join in too –just video yourself jacking off and post it up! offers you pics and some video for free but there is a charge if you want to go further into the site. This is one of the most established self-pic sites, guys photograph or film themselves jacking off and then send the results in. A little while later your pics appear and other folk can contact you. It’s updated weekly and you can see and contact guys from all over the world. is basically a show off site. Guys with big dicks post their pics here and you can vote on which is the best. It’s great for real amateur jack off scenes and pics too.

Getting into the realms of paying to access premium sites to see solo jerk off videos then top of my list is definitely This is one of the top sites and one of the originals too. (Many have tried to copy it but none have done it as well as the original.) They find real straight guys and set them before the cam, they get paid to jerk and the results are fabulous. The guys are sexy and made even sexier by the fact we know they are straight. There is a three day trial but the monthly $29.96 is a snip. You can stream and download the hot vids too. features some very hot boys jacking off as well as some other more hard-core action. These hot guys jerk in the shower, on their own, with their buddies and just about everywhere and the site also promises you chat and other bonuses too. I've not been inside this one but the tour makes it look worth the $29.95 monthly fee.

Those are just a couple of pay to view jerk off sites, there are many more and a simple search engine keyword search will bring you up a list of them. Many sites though also feature solo guys and just about any adult site you join will have some solo jerk off scenes in its video library. And if you want to know my favourite solo jerk off scene of all time, you will find it on twink boarding school. It’s that young beauty Turk Melrose in one of the hottest solo scenes I've seen.

Well worth taking a look. And believe me, once you find a good solo jack off scene the guy won’t be solo for long – you’ll be joining in with him in no time!








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