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Hot Desert Knights

That’s Knights with a ‘K’, though some of the videos this excellent company produce will make you feel like you have spent a night in a hot desert. In a nutshell Hot Desert Knights (HDK) has been making bareback gay porn since way back when and they are one of the leading studios in the gay adult porn industry. Their hallmark is their use of manly studs in hardcore, condom free scenes but there is actually a lot more to the company than that.

The best place to start your exploration of what Hot Desert Knights has on offer is at where you will find not only an online store for hard copies of the hard movies, but a membership area for streaming and downloading the flicks, image galleries and models’ information. There are also a blog and regular news updates of what’s being turned out of their studios.

Searching around the web you may come across the sites HDKRaw, HDK Men and HDKCentral – all of these sites are linked and when you join one you also access content from the others. You see, HDK not only produce bareback movies but also produce harder content, for example fisting movies – hence the ‘Raw’ site where you will find many S&M, fisting and other harder edged content. Being a responsible producer of gay adult porn their main site does contain information and facts about bareback sex: the usual health warnings, how their models are tested for HIV and how you should always use a condom for anal (and other) intercourse. It’s kind of ‘always read the label’ stuff that we should all know about: bareback sex is fun to watch but unsafe to participate in.

Meanwhile, back to the videos: I was recently looking at the Central and Raw sites and found a great selection of guys there. Although they are mainly known for their use of hairy hunks and macho studs HDK also employ smoother, younger models and it was great to see the likes of Jarod Steele, plus some very smooth and sexy Euro boys, appearing in some of the latest video releases. Of course you will still find the likes of Steve Dragon and Jeff Allen with their slightly older, daddyish appearance too.

When you’re in Raw, Central or wherever you will also find quality productions with HDK. Not only in terms of the wide ranging models and the kinds of sex but in the video making, editing, soundtracks and the photography. The sites of theirs that I have seen provide you with high bandwidth versions of the full length scenes plus a version of your portable device and a streaming version too: three ways to access the hot movies. These videos are DRM free which means you can keep and play them even if your membership comes to an end and all the great images in the galleries are downloadable too. HDK is also big on customer feedback and gives you a chance to vote for, comment on and even review the scenes you have watched.

But if all that sounds like many other adult sites that you may have seen then you’d be half right. Yes, many sites feature those kinds of things: good quality movies, exclusives, hot models and feedback opportunities but HDK seems to do it in such a way that, when you join one of their sites, you feel like you are joining a community, becoming a fan if you like. With such a range of guys from twinks to hunks and a range of porn from vanilla solos through to fisting and dungeon sex you really do get access to just about anything that you could imagine. Remember, HDK is one of the giants and stands tall above the heads of so many other gay porn producers and websites.








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