High School and College Initiation Stories

This is something of a strange subject for me, as I didn’t go to high school. Well, I did but it wasn’t called that where I went. But were there initiations? I remember there were certain games at boarding school – ‘ball grabbing’ was one that went around when you got to a certain age. And there were naked walks up and down the dorm at night, but my schools didn’t go in for the wild initiations as you might find in establishments such as colleges or universities. Shame? Well, maybe not. I had a look around for examples of school initiations and people’s experiences, and tried to find out what I could about this often kept secret practice.

I hit upon some recent stories about ‘hazing’ which is another word for sexual or even violent initiation, mainly among older guys. One guy had been tied up and stood by a pool table where other guys tried to shoot the pool balls into his balls – they missed, so they thumped him in the nuts instead. What the…?

Then I found some less violent ones: midnight runs that ended with the new guys being covered in water and shaving foam; kidnapping and covering the guys in shaving foam (popular that, shaving foam), whoever gets least covered gets a warm bath, the others are hosed off with cold water. There were examples of guys being left in the middle of a forest and having to chase senior guys back to the cars, touching them with sticks to pass the test – but not knowing the woods and having been led there blindfolded they have no idea where the cars are.

Tamer ideas involved buying strange clothes from charity shops and making the new boys ware them at school for a day. Mild humiliation as opposed to the naked, sexual games the older boys play.

I was hunting around for T-Balling as a form of initiation and completely crapped out. All I could find were examples of how to play T-ball, an initiation into Baseball for the very young. There were some very instructional videos but nothing that really made this sport look like an initiation into anything but the game of baseball itself.

The wresting and football team side of things sparked up my interest a little more. I searched around and found some stories and clips of mud-wrestlers: Hunky and sometimes young straight guys who wanted to join a team and were made to wrestle in mud first. The idea was to strip the clothes off the opponent and whoever was naked first was the loser. After a few minutes of grappling and splattering one of the boys was in the buff and the other was allowed on to the hockey team. What hockey and wrestling have in common is anyone’s guess but it made for fun viewing.

There are many other stories of college guys, mainly, joining a team and being initiated by humiliation. These usually involve being naked, or semi-naked to start with, there is often our old friend shaving foam involved and I did find one little clip that showed a naked guy T-balling, at last! Well, he was playing rounders while drunk and had to hit the ball a certain distance in order to pass his test. Not exactly high quality entertainment (and the clip had been removed when I went back for a second look), but close to what I was investigating. And there was one more; a guy who did that thing with the broom… Where you hold it up, look at the brush and spin around in a circle. Then you try and hit a baseball. He came away with a black eye I think.

Which just goes to show that if your school, college or whatever insists on initiations then you insist that they are safe ones. I advise the use of shaving foam and nothing else.

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