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Latin Boys

I’ve seen a few sites that claim to have exclusive Latin content but actually only have a very small amount of it and even then it’s not brilliant quality. But if you like tanned, bronzed, smooth and well hung guys from south of the border then I highly recommend

You might think that the monthly fee of $39.99 (recently reduced to $29.99) is a bit on the high side so, if you’re not sure, take the three day trial option for only $2.99 and see what you think. If you do take this option then keep a note of your sign up details and if you don’t like what you see (unlikely) you can cancel the recurring subscription before it comes back to bite you. But I think you will like what you get:

For a start, in the members’ area, you’ll find fifty exclusive videos. These feature all kinds of Latino guys from smooth young twinks to slightly older and beefier guys in their twenties or thirties. There is a huge amount of dick on offer and some of these guys really are hung like the proverbial horse. If you like to watch guys on their own then you will find many solo jack off scenes but there are also lots of orgies involving two, three or more guys. Most of the models are genuine Latinos from South America and from time to time you will find a gorgeous Latino guy with a white guy in a bit of interracial action. All the videos play in Windows Media Player, so there is no complicated software involved, just the standard and if you don’t have that then you will find links to the download pages where you can get it for free. The action in all the movies is hot, hot, hot as are the guys and the production values are high quality too. You can grab the scenes in sensible sized clips as the longer vids tend to be full length and larger files.

You get a good selection of high resolution galleries here too with most galleries having around 150 images each; the pics are also good quality and worth collecting. You get a good idea of what you are in for when you look at the free tour pages. Here you can download some short clips as samples but remember that the quality of these is not quite as good as the full versions in the members’ area. You’ll also see from the tour that the scenarios for the movies are varied with the action taking place both indoors and outside but the things that remain constant are the sexiness of the guys and the high quality of the movies.

O.k. so you don’t get much in the way of extras at Latin Boys. Although some sites offer you free access to other sites, or video feeds and so on, this site doesn’t but having said that you’ll be pleased with the exclusive content and at least you know it is fresh and new. The site also updates each week with a new clip so the amount of content it has for you is increasing month by month.

As I said there are several Latino sites out there and I’ll bring you news on others from time to time. You could do worse than check out LatinBoys (that’s boys with an S at the end, not to be confused with Latinboyz with a Z which we will look at another time). It’s a site that keeps to its niche and supplies you with only good quality movies, though there are not that many of them at the moment you are promised updates each week so your collection will grow over time










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