Mobile Males

As the world gets smaller and smaller so does technology. I remember seeing my first mobile phone all those years ago and marvelling at how ‘portable’ it was – if you didn’t mind a huge battery strapped to your back. I remember the first video camera I used, about the size of a small car, with the battery being pushed around in a wheelbarrow… But now you've got mobile phones the size of credit cards and video cam that are just about invisible.

Yes, we know all that, but what’s your point? Well, the point is that now you can get all kinds of everything on your phone and for porn addicts this means you’re never a few inches away from some hot sex. Maybe you need some inspiration in a backroom, maybe you just want to fill in the minutes with a quick one in the loo at work, or maybe you don’t have a computer with you where you are but you want to view your porn all the same. Simply find a site that does mobile porn and you’re up and running. There are loads of them – it’s a growing trend.

I found just one of the many, both straight and gay, that are getting on this minimalist bandwagon. Here you get what looks to be a standard set up: many of these mobile porn sites I've seen recently have the same design. You've got a page of sample images, a short description and title, the rating as given by members, and on many occasions, a chance to see a trailer, link to the full movie (when a member) or sign up.

In this case the theme is simply hot gay sex. There are many well known studios here, many well known stars and all kinds of different genres. Because of this the site has a search engine and a section where you can browse the niches, and there was a long list of them to choose from. Even as someone just viewing the tour I was able to click on a box shot, find all the scenes listed with some pics, watch trailers and find more scenes with the same models. It was all nice and quick and easy to use, and there was a choice of connection speeds, so even dial up users will be able to check things out with no problems.

The join page was a simple affair to with a day-long trial if you want to test things out, a monthly membership that was a standard rate and a three monthly one that offered a discount. In this instance I was able to choose what language I wanted to sign up in too, which is a neat thing for non-English readers. I also found a support page with lots of useful information and links, and a contact form, and this page isn’t just about what to do if you want to cancel your membership or if you can’t log in –there are links to help areas that show you how the technical side of things works too.

But Mobile Males is just one of many, as I said. If you run a web-search for, say ‘mobile gay porn’ you will find many links to explore. Here there were sites that were specifically about iPods and their users, some that were for all kinds of mobile phones, and some that covered any device that was mobile. In many cases you also have a web-size style site too, so you can still access these porn theatres from home, then load the files onto your device for viewing later. It's all getting smaller, in terms of screen size and file size, but in terms of availability of porn wherever you are… well that’s something which is actually growing.









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