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There are more and more personals and dating sites hitting the web every week it seems but Out Personals is one of the older and more established ones. It’s also a generic personals site; whereas some are set up for ‘types’ of guys (like scally lads, Latinos or guys into leather) this one is for everybody and it’s global. You can opt to have the site displayed in one of nine languages which is pretty impressive and the home page tells you that there are around 1.5 million members already.

Most of the site can be viewed for free. You can check out over nine thousand blogs and even post your own articles in the on-line magazine. But what about the dating part and how to go about finding your perfect match? Well, that’s simple. Click the Join Now button and fill out a quick form giving your basic information: gender, what you are looking for, age and so on. Here you also create your own handle, your nickname and it’s worth thinking about this for a moment. Try and come up with something unique and easy for other people to read. If you want to stay anonymous then don’t use your own name and remember that the handle you create is the name people will call you when they get in touch.

So, you’ve set up your details, now you can enter the rest of the site. Here it gets a bit complicated so pay attention! Your free membership only gets you so far. You can browse and search the lists but you can’t see full profiles. If you upgrade to a Silver membership you can see all members, contact them and view videos and if you go for the Gold package you get all that plus extras like more space for your e-mails and previews of new members before anyone else sees them. Signing up costs different amounts depending on how long you sign up for and recurring subscriptions go down to as little as $12.98 a month so it’s not a huge outlay. And when you think how many guys are using the site and how many guys you’ll be able to see and contact you realise that it’s not expensive at all – it’s cheaper than some amateur guys porn sites and as many of the guys at Out Personals put up sexy pictures of themselves it’s just as much fun as a porn site too!

The other features of the site include: the search facilities are simple to use and you can search by age, location and what the guys are looking for. There are over six thousand groups, that’s members getting together to discuss specific subjects of interest. You can add people to your ‘hotlist’, which is like adding them to your favorites, there are webcams and you can search to see who is on-line and on-cam and you can also view or add a video introduction. This is on top of the free things I mentioned before, the blogs, magazine and so on. But some of the extra features require you to be a paid up member so don’t expect everything for free.

Final Words:
There are loads of cool features at Out Personals (once you’ve paid to access them) and there are thousands of good looking members all around the world. It’s the kind of site that you need to use to benefit from, the more time and effort you put into making your profile and contacting guys, the more rewarding your experience will be. Think of it as joining a worldwide club of singles and couples all looking for new friends or lovers and have fun with it. It’s not expensive; you get a great service and who knows..? Mr Right could be out there waiting for you right now.

Check out Outpersonals for yourself!