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If you like reading about a submissive boy talking to a dominant top that wants to find a slave to control than this is a great m4m room chat conversation to jack off to:

Hot Kink Conversation between DominantTop24 and 19BareBackSlave (names have been changed to not give away identities):
{dominanttop24}i am TOP , I do everything except bottom
{19barebackslave}btm here
{dominanttop24}i love that
{19barebackslave}how big
{dominanttop24}8 inches cut and 7 inches thick
{19barebackslave}you gay or bi
{dominanttop24}bi ,but i like guys best ,not only for sex but also 4 a relationship
{dominanttop24}are you gay or be?
{19barebackslave}im bi also
{19barebackslave}but would like to date a guy
{dominanttop24}date and sex or just date and no sex?
{19barebackslave}date and sex
{dominanttop24}i like to date and if there is there is "some magic" i want sex
{19barebackslave}i understand that
{dominanttop24}have you been with guys b4?
{dominanttop24}i ment sexually
{19barebackslave}yeah but was a fuck buddy was not a relationship
{19barebackslave}he had a gf
{dominanttop24}was or still is?
{19barebackslave}not anymore i decided it was messing with me too much
{dominanttop24}was he taking you for granted?
{19barebackslave}he is a total top and really controlling and would not let me be with anyone else but he could fuck girls
{dominanttop24}did you feel like you were his bitch?
{dominanttop24}i am not trying to insult you
{19barebackslave}but i really like him
{19barebackslave}so it didnt matter
{dominanttop24}what do u like to do in bed (besides sleep)
{19barebackslave}please the guy im with
{dominanttop24}i am dominant ,nut not bitchy
{19barebackslave}you sound like him
{dominanttop24}i like to make my partner enjoys the sex
{19barebackslave}he is dominant but not for me to enjoy for him only
{dominanttop24}do you mean he was looking for his only satisfation?
{19barebackslave}but i guess i liked that
{dominanttop24}do you like to service a guy?
{19barebackslave}i dont mind being the bitch just as long as he doesnt cheat on me
{dominanttop24}are you in love with him?
{19barebackslave}i dunno
{dominanttop24}do you miss him?
{19barebackslave}haha maybe
{19barebackslave}but yes i like to service
{19barebackslave}i like how me made me get him off at least twice before he would let me cum
{dominanttop24}was he the only guy in your life?
{dominanttop24}where did you meet him?
{19barebackslave}in an online master for slave room
{dominanttop24}he must be bi if he have a page here
{19barebackslave}so your dominant too?
{dominanttop24}i am sure he not only fucks chicks but also guys
{dominanttop24}i am dominant
{19barebackslave}nah he doesnt lie he only fucks other girls
{dominanttop24}how do u know?
{19barebackslave}u looking for a sub boyfriend?
{dominanttop24}what r u looking for?
{19barebackslave}for a bf who is dominant and makes me please him and doesnt cheat on me
{19barebackslave}i never cheated on him
{dominanttop24}i love that
{19barebackslave}how dominant are you?
{dominanttop24}very dominant
{dominanttop24} very strict
{19barebackslave}im already falling :)
{dominanttop24}but fair and i do not cheat
{19barebackslave}what would you do if i didn’t mind?
{dominanttop24} i like the guy to be my sexual slave
{19barebackslave}yeah of course that
{19barebackslave}just curious what the punishments would be like
{dominanttop24}he has to obey all my commands
{19barebackslave}what are some things you like done
{19barebackslave}i would
{dominanttop24}i am not into scat or brutality
{dominanttop24} but he be a sex slave
{19barebackslave}but what all would i do
{dominanttop24}well to warship my cock
{dominanttop24} ,my body
{19barebackslave}id do that
{dominanttop24}to lick my entire body
{19barebackslave}id worship you from your feet to your dick to your arm pits
{dominanttop24} including my feet ,my ass
{19barebackslave}and lick your ass or feet until you tell me i can quit
{dominanttop24}i love that
{dominanttop24}have to swallow my cum
{19barebackslave}and lick your dick clean after you pee
{dominanttop24}well how about tasting some?
{19barebackslave}if you made me i would
{19barebackslave}it would be hot if every time you had to pee you made me come lick some of it
{19barebackslave}or swallow some of it
{dominanttop24}of couse i want to give you also golden showers
{dominanttop24}have you drink piss b4?
{19barebackslave}ive tasted it
{dominanttop24}your ex?
{19barebackslave}he didnt like the pee thing but peed on me when he was drunk
{19barebackslave}and peed inside me a few times
{dominanttop24}inside your ass?
{19barebackslave}haha yeah
{19barebackslave}hope you dont think im a freak
{dominanttop24}i never coud do do becase my cock is so big and it is tight to pee
{19barebackslave}would you want me to swallow your piss?
{dominanttop24}no i do not, many guys are into things like that
{19barebackslave}i think some wouldnt hurt but not lots
{dominanttop24}yes i want you to drink my piss of course every master likes that
{19barebackslave}i think it proves that i am your bitch
{19barebackslave}i love feet
{dominanttop24}what i said was
{dominanttop24}that i can not piss inside your ass because my cock is very fat
{dominanttop24}but we can do something else
{19barebackslave}do you fuck hard and rough?
{dominanttop24}yes i do
{19barebackslave}u cum inside the ass or mouth when your fucking
{dominanttop24}do you like it?
{19barebackslave}yes very hard and rough
{dominanttop24}inside the mouth deep inside the throat
{dominanttop24}i fuck ass with condoms
{19barebackslave}i think the more it hurts the hotter it feels
{19barebackslave}condoms even if we dated?
{dominanttop24}but if you have a blood test and if u r clean i love bareback
{19barebackslave}cause it would be hot to have your cum in my ass
{dominanttop24}was he fucking you bareback?
{19barebackslave}yes but hes the only guy
{19barebackslave}and he fucks girls with condoms
{dominanttop24}i am sure he fucked other guys
{19barebackslave}no he fucked me way to much to have been with other guys
{dominanttop24}when was last time you had sex with him?
{19barebackslave}since xmas break
{19barebackslave}there is no way he cheated on me with guys he fucked me like twice a day
{19barebackslave}or had me suck him off
{dominanttop24} did you live together?
{19barebackslave}he and me both agreed to not see other guys so we did not get any std
{19barebackslave}i had an apt lived by myself
{dominanttop24}i love to be serviced at least twice a day
{19barebackslave}do you let me cum?
{dominanttop24}am a good head
{dominanttop24}and at night an intense hot sex action no lees than 3 or 4 hours: {19barebackslave}do you let me cum or do you regulate when i get off?
{dominanttop24}you do not have to worry about coming because you will cum without touching your cock when i am fucking you
{dominanttop24}yes i will control when you are allow to come
{19barebackslave}he would punish me when i came in any way
{dominanttop24}yes i am strict
{19barebackslave}he hit me in the nuts for cumming
{dominanttop24}yes also spank your ass hard with my palm
{19barebackslave}and made me shave my legs completely
{19barebackslave}i begged him not to make me shave and then he hit me in the nuts again
{dominanttop24}yes i like smooth boys
{19barebackslave}yeah im totally smooth now
{19barebackslave}i learned that lesson
{19barebackslave}he hit me in the nuts so hard
{19barebackslave}almost made me cry
{dominanttop24}i could use hot wax if you disobey me
{19barebackslave}what is that do
{19barebackslave}i want you so bad
{dominanttop24}hot wax in your nipples
19barebackslave}would you be into tying me up?
{dominanttop24}and when we are together you MUST wear a dog collar
{dominanttop24}symbol of your servitude
{dominanttop24}and you belongs to me
{19barebackslave}damn your perfect
{dominanttop24}what did you do for your ex?
{19barebackslave}he used to duct tape my dick up to my ass after he fuked me so i could not go jack off or be with anyone else
{19barebackslave}and i had to wear that until he fucked me again
{dominanttop24}but u could take the duct tape and place it again
{19barebackslave}yeah i had to to piss
{19barebackslave}and shit
{19barebackslave}but it was hot he made me wear it
{19barebackslave}tell me
{dominanttop24}castity belt
{19barebackslave}for my dick too?
{dominanttop24}no one can fuck you or suck your cock
{19barebackslave}he was more worried bout me being able to jack off
{19barebackslave}because he knew i would not cheat i was his slave
{19barebackslave}ive never seen a chastity belt i don’t know does it lock up or something?
{dominanttop24}the only time you could masturbate is when i want and you can not fool me because i will know if u j/o or not
{19barebackslave}yes sir
{19barebackslave}how will i shit and pee?
{19barebackslave}or will you unlock it just for that
{dominanttop24}there is a hole to pee
{19barebackslave}and shit?
{dominanttop24}no because when you want to pee i will not be there
{dominanttop24}same thing to shit
{19barebackslave}if there is a hole there couldnt someone fuck me?
{dominanttop24}no his cock will be cut
{19barebackslave}yes sir
{19barebackslave}would you ever make me please someone else or just you
{dominanttop24}some slave love to be used by his master friends
{19barebackslave}what would you like
{dominanttop24}to tell the truth i do not know
{dominanttop24}all depends how you are
{dominanttop24}and how much you love me
{dominanttop24}first lesson you should ask for my permission to leave
{19barebackslave}what do i call you?
{19barebackslave}ok master
{dominanttop24}we are nothing yet ,but if you were my slave i would punish you {19barebackslave}how do i get to be your slave?
{dominanttop24}and i have the perfect punishment for u
{19barebackslave}what is the punishment
{dominanttop24}you will be hand cuff
{dominanttop24}wearing a dog collar with a leash
{dominanttop24}kneel over small rocks
{19barebackslave}ouch that will hurt my soft boy skin
{dominanttop24}and have to watch how i make love to a cute guy
{19barebackslave}you would cheat on me?
{dominanttop24}how he sucks my cock drink my man juices
{dominanttop24}only if I have to punish you
{19barebackslave}you would be with another guy to punish me?
{dominanttop24}it is up to you not to do wrong things
{19barebackslave}i wont ever disobey you master
{19barebackslave}i would be so jealous
{19barebackslave}id rather you torture me than cheat on me
{dominanttop24}yes because it will hurt you to see your master with another guy
{dominanttop24}be good and i do not cheat and if you obligate me because of your sins
{19barebackslave}yes sir
{dominanttop24}i would do it to teach you a good lesson
{19barebackslave}do you ever spank me master?
{19barebackslave}or punish me in a slight painful way
{19barebackslave}other than emotional
{dominanttop24}yes i will spank you because you are my bitch boy
{dominanttop24}place you over my knees and spank your ass
{19barebackslave}have you had a slave before?
{dominanttop24}yes i did
{19barebackslave}how old was he
{dominanttop24}i have experience
{dominanttop24}i was 18
{19barebackslave}what is the most pain you gave him or made him cry ever?
{dominanttop24}i twisted his balls cock and i made him to lick my vomit
{dominanttop24}but the mother fucker love the vomit, it was repulsive
{19barebackslave}he used to torture my balls all the time
{dominanttop24}even if you were good?
{19barebackslave}because they are big
{19barebackslave}no he said i was bad by my attitude
{dominanttop24}was it?
{19barebackslave}no but i got punished anyway
{dominanttop24}but i know you love it
{19barebackslave}yes sir
{19barebackslave}it hurt so bad though
{dominanttop24}do you like i torture your balls?
{19barebackslave}at first i did but he hurt them so bad it really was punishment
{dominanttop24}do you like to be tortured?
{19barebackslave}if i deserve it, sir
{19barebackslave}not unless you have to release anger on me
{dominanttop24}do u sometimes do bad things to be tortured?
{19barebackslave}and then do it where it hurts
{dominanttop24}answer bitch boy
{19barebackslave}not really but he was mean sometimes
{19barebackslave}like i said he tortured me every time i came
{19barebackslave}and i couldn’t help from Cumming when he was fucking me
{19barebackslave}so he made sure i paid for it
{dominanttop24}to be a successful relationship between master/slave should be some communication
{19barebackslave}what happened to your 18 yr old
{19barebackslave}where is he now
{dominanttop24}he was 18 and his parents moved to NYC and he had to go with parents
{dominanttop24}he tried to kill himself
{dominanttop24}broke my heart:
{19barebackslave}how could i become your slave bf?
{19barebackslave}could this happen
{dominanttop24}i had to be cruel and tell him he was a bad slave and i had someone else
{19barebackslave}or would you let me be your slave?
{dominanttop24}you could be a good slave
{dominanttop24}are you looking for a b/f master /slave relation?
{dominanttop24}i am looking for a slave to live w/ me
{dominanttop24}full time slave /master Boy friend
{dominanttop24}no one has to know
{19barebackslave}yeah i dont want anyone knowing im a slave
{19barebackslave}so we could go out and party and no one would know? {19barebackslave}just that im your boyfirend but not a slave
{dominanttop24}we have a normal life outside the house acting like friends but he has to know who is the master all the time
{19barebackslave}you can just tell them im a bottom
{dominanttop24}if you want but our life belongs to us
{dominanttop24}no one else
{19barebackslave}it would be hot if we went to the mall and you told me to suck your dick: {dominanttop24} in front of people?
{19barebackslave}i dont like public stuff
{19barebackslave}but behind the doors
{dominanttop24}we do it in zuma beach
{dominanttop24}what doors?
{dominanttop24}on the beach
{19barebackslave}if the bathroom has doors
{dominanttop24}yes has to be because i like to get head during the day
{dominanttop24}i introduce my parents as my room mate and we will have dinner in my parents house and after dinner we go to my present room and you have to suck my cock
{19barebackslave}so your dick thick?
{dominanttop24}yes very thick dick
{dominanttop24}big head
{19barebackslave}if we lived together i bet my ass would be sore
{dominanttop24}i will fuck your ass every night
{19barebackslave}what if im too sore
{dominanttop24}7 days a week unless i punish you and you will not be allow to touch me
{19barebackslave}i was hoping you would fuck me twice a day
{dominanttop24}if you are sore that is your problem
{dominanttop24}i need to fuck every day
{19barebackslave}i need your lovin everday
{dominanttop24}as long u r loyal you will have my love
{19barebackslave}how do you like your slaves ass referred to?
{dominanttop24}my posession
{19barebackslave}like a hole or ass or what
{dominanttop24}boy pussy
{dominanttop24}your ass =boy pussy
{dominanttop24} you are my posession
{dominanttop24}i own you in body ,soul and spirit
{19barebackslave}you can pop my cherry again :)
{dominanttop24}and i will fuck you like if you were a girl a prostitute
{dominanttop24}to bad you are not virgin any more
{19barebackslave}i guarantee you would rip me
{19barebackslave}cause i have not been fucked in a month
{dominanttop24}is your ex cock big?
{19barebackslave}its 7.5
{dominanttop24}smaller than mine
{19barebackslave}yours is 8 right?
{19barebackslave}my ass is small and really tight
{dominanttop24}just little bit bigger than 8
{19barebackslave}u ever made a dude bleed?
{19barebackslave}because you fucked him so hard
{dominanttop24}yes many bleed but i had condoms
{19barebackslave}just warning you i will bleed the first few times
{dominanttop24}what was the worst thing your ex made you to do?
{19barebackslave}torture or sexually
{dominanttop24}both = spiritual
{dominanttop24}torture , sexually and spiritual
{19barebackslave}probably tying me up after i was already bleeding from him fucking me
{19barebackslave}cause he was so rough that night
{19barebackslave}and tortured me till i cried
{19barebackslave}sat on my face and watched a movie
{19barebackslave}made me lick his ass the entire time
{19barebackslave}and the same day he had his friend piss on me and made me suck him off
{19barebackslave}with clothes pins on my nuts
{19barebackslave}and his friend took a bat to my nuts
{19barebackslave}but didnt hurt them too bad and threatened to put it up my ass and i begged him not too
{19barebackslave}and he didnt thank goodness
{19barebackslave}was a lot to go through for one day
{dominanttop24}did you enjoy it?
{19barebackslave}plus being slapped around in every direction
{19barebackslave}and kicked
{19barebackslave}yeah :)
{19barebackslave}i only like dick in my ass though
{19barebackslave}dont want some big thing going up there to loosen me up if its not a dick
{19barebackslave}u know what i mean
{dominanttop24}well if you like a dick in your ass only ,you have to look for some one else
{dominanttop24}i need a slave
{19barebackslave}i am a slave
{19barebackslave}i thought you would like that
{dominanttop24}some one to worship my cock ,my body ,my life
{19barebackslave}well there are things i need to improve on
{19barebackslave}so ill obey you if you want
{19barebackslave}if you want to put anything in my ass
{dominanttop24}if you want to be fucked only you do not need me ,any one can fuck you
{dominanttop24}you said the only thing you want is a dick in your ass
{19barebackslave}you misunderstood me
{dominanttop24} read the messages
{dominanttop24}what did you mean?
{19barebackslave}just meant i didnt want a baseball bat inside me
{19barebackslave}that is what they wanted to do to me
{dominanttop24}he is an animal
{19barebackslave}it was his friend that wanted that
{dominanttop24}your master should protect you not to sodomize you
{19barebackslave}i was tied up and was so scared that guy was going to fuck me
{dominanttop24}did your ex made to taste his shit?
{19barebackslave}yeah made me lick his ass clean after he took a shit
{dominanttop24}did you like it?
{19barebackslave}no but i had to do it
{19barebackslave}do you make your slave do that?
{dominanttop24}well one of the test you have to pass is to clean my ass with your tongue after i shit
{19barebackslave}he used to look in the mirror and make sure i licked up every thing
{19barebackslave}then he washed it down with his piss
{dominanttop24}did you have to do it every tine he shit?
{19barebackslave}no but it was every week or so
{19barebackslave}what is your favorite positoin to fuck in
{dominanttop24}one is your legs over my shoulders
{dominanttop24}legs up in the air
{19barebackslave}i love that one so you can see my face
{dominanttop24} doggy position
{dominanttop24}i take your legs and put them over my shoulders
{19barebackslave}how long do you fuck til
{dominanttop24}as i take my throbbing wet cock and place it at your wet boy pussy
{dominanttop24}and i start to push my wide head
{19barebackslave}so your head is huge?
{dominanttop24}slowly to u and keep pressing the head
{dominanttop24}yes big head beautiful cock
{19barebackslave}im gonna worship it
{dominanttop24}i fuck for one hour with out stop
{19barebackslave}how many times do you cum while your fucking
{dominanttop24}i come twice pull out make the guy to suck my cock come again {dominanttop24}make him to lick my ass ,feet ,arm pits ,nipples and my cock is again hard
{19barebackslave}i want you so bad
{dominanttop24}and this time i enter the boy pussy with no lube hard i ram my cock in
{19barebackslave}very hot
{dominanttop24},the whole fucking thing deep into your guts
{19barebackslave}i bet your load of cum feels good in there
{dominanttop24}you will feel my cock pounding your ass
{dominanttop24}and i come once more i let the guy squeeze every drop
{dominanttop24},my cock goes limp
{dominanttop24}but i teach him how to work his ass muscles
{19barebackslave}yeah i want to be trained by you
{dominanttop24} and my cock gets hard again and keep pounding his ass had white i twist his nippes , cock balls
{19barebackslave}does your cum flow out the ass or stay inside
{dominanttop24}and i shoot a new load with great gushes
{dominanttop24}many times flows out
{19barebackslave}will you make me eat what flows out?
{dominanttop24} and have to clean my cock with your mouth after i fuck your ass
{19barebackslave}of course
{19barebackslave}will you kiss me?
{dominanttop24}if you have shit in your mouth i will not kiss you
{19barebackslave}are you going to want me to douche?
{dominanttop24}not even when you clean my ass with your tongue
{19barebackslave}i can just brush my teeth and hope you will kiss me
{dominanttop24}but we will kiss ,passionate kisses also when i shoot inside your mouth you will transfer my cum to my mouth and i give it back to you to swallow
{19barebackslave}does it get messy when you fuck a guy for a long time.,.
{19barebackslave}because of the size of your dick seems like it would get messy
{dominanttop24}what do u mean messy?
{19barebackslave}like shit and maybe little blood
{dominanttop24}no because the guy has to douche
{dominanttop24}never any shit
{19barebackslave}im not messy but he never made me douche
{19barebackslave}i just licked it up if any blood or nething
{dominanttop24}i have to tell you just now i have a fuck buddy
{dominanttop24}i want you to be my b/f slave
{19barebackslave}your going to keep fucking him too?
{dominanttop24} and i will not have sex with him any more
{dominanttop24}he is not slave material
{dominanttop24}i need a slave
{19barebackslave}why isnt he slave material
{dominanttop24}he is bi and top/bottom
{dominanttop24} i fuck him and he likes to fuck to
{19barebackslave}would you have him fuck me
{dominanttop24}so he has a bottom friend
{dominanttop24}do you want to be fucked by him?
{19barebackslave}if you told me to
{dominanttop24}he is gorgeous
{19barebackslave}or if you made me please you both
{dominanttop24}you want to watch ass how i fuck him?
{dominanttop24}and you want while he fucks you you suck my cock?
{19barebackslave}it would be hot if you double penetrated me or gangbanged me
{dominanttop24}do you like to be fuck by my 2 other friends (4 all together)
{19barebackslave}yeah that would be hot
{19barebackslave}be tied up and gang banged
{dominanttop24}and if i chose to humiliate you in front of my gay friends i do not want to see you crying
{dominanttop24}also i could make you to suck my friends cock for money
{19barebackslave}and give us an std?
{dominanttop24}i know them
{dominanttop24}4 of them
{19barebackslave}and he will pay you if i suck his cock?
{19barebackslave}why would they pay
{dominanttop24}$20 and if you do in front of my friends 30
{19barebackslave}im not a prostitute
{dominanttop24}well you want to be a slave don't you?
{19barebackslave}who will make the money from it?
{dominanttop24}i take the money
{dominanttop24}to pay bills
{dominanttop24}you are my slave
{dominanttop24}i want you as a b/f slave but u want to be a total slave
{dominanttop24}i will be better than your last master
{dominanttop24} at least i protect you
{19barebackslave}i want it to be when your fucking me your making love to me as a master and bf
{dominanttop24}me ex slave used to do my home work ,cut the grass ,sucked my cock 4 times a day
{dominanttop24}did my chores
{dominanttop24}i am going to move to my own apart. and i need a slave to serve my needs
{dominanttop24} sex
{dominanttop24} cook
{dominanttop24} clean the house
{19barebackslave}ill wash your car, lick your ass clean, lick your shoes
{dominanttop24}you have to clean my ass with your tongue after i shit
{dominanttop24}and drink my urine
{19barebackslave}swallow your shit left on your ass or just lick it up
{dominanttop24}clean now eat my shit
{dominanttop24}ok i take you to a leather bar here in west hollwood
{dominanttop24}you will have a only a small black short
{dominanttop24}wearin a dog collar with a leash
{dominanttop24}and tell every one u r my slave
{19barebackslave}but i dont want those nasty old men touching me
{19barebackslave}will you guard me from them
{dominanttop24}no one will touch you
{dominanttop24} i am 6'2
{dominanttop24}that is not all
{19barebackslave}that is actually hot cause it puts me in my position in front of others
{dominanttop24}in one moment you will go down in your knees in front of me and must beg me to let you suck my cock
{dominanttop24}but you will not touch me in any time
{19barebackslave}i wont get to suck it?
{19barebackslave}how hard do you want me to beg
{dominanttop24}but u can not touch my cock we could go to jail
{dominanttop24}that is lew conduct here
{19barebackslave}can i lick your feet?
{19barebackslave}then i can beg to suck your dick then lick on your feet
{dominanttop24}lick my boots
{19barebackslave}you have a whip?
{dominanttop24}yes will be part of my custom
{dominanttop24}black leather pant
{dominanttop24} no shirt
{19barebackslave}you going to whip me?
{dominanttop24} black vest (open)
{dominanttop24}no i can not whip you in a public place
 {dominanttop24}that would be animal cruelty
{19barebackslave}do they have a place that has butt slings or things to hang from your balls or something
{dominanttop24}after you this we go to your motel and we have fun

{dominanttop24}if you become my slave we build a dungeon
{19barebackslave}a dog collar and leash the whole time?
{dominanttop24}and invite some of my gay friends
{dominanttop24}maybe some will have their own slaves
{19barebackslave}will i be serving or will i get to party?
{dominanttop24}a dog collar all the time
 {dominanttop24}a black one straight people will not know i
 {dominanttop24}notice that is a slave symbol
{dominanttop24}with my gay friends you are my slave
 {19barebackslave}doyou want me to socialize or just follow you around
{dominanttop24}you must be proud to serve a good looking master
{dominanttop24}but be always ready to serve me
{19barebackslave}what do i have to wear in public do i get to wear normal clothes or a slave type outfit?
{dominanttop24}normal wear
{19barebackslave}what about a tatoo that says im your slave?
{dominanttop24}on public you are just another guy
{19barebackslave}like a tatoo on my ass
{dominanttop24}that will be done as soon i accept u as my slave
{dominanttop24}but not in your ass
{dominanttop24}will be on your chest
 {19barebackslave}i cant wait to have your dick inside my boy pussy so i can work my ass muscles
{19barebackslave}so do masters ever make their slaves get neutered or whatva i heard that
 {dominanttop24}but i tell you now i do not want you j/o unless i tell you
{19barebackslave}slaves dont really need a dick though
{19barebackslave}if all they do is please their master
{dominanttop24}i want you to be horny all the time
{dominanttop24}to crave for my cock
 {dominanttop24}i have many movies about M/S
{dominanttop24}i have a book how to build a dungeon
{19barebackslave}would be hot to spend all day in the dungeon going from machine to machine
{dominanttop24}your first task every morning would be to drink my hot piss
{dominanttop24}a good dungeon cost 23.000.00
{19barebackslave}i will have to learn how to douche
{dominanttop24} i teach you and we will talk more after you pass my tests in person.






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