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Sleeping men review: Men Filmed and Seduced While Asleep

Let’s be honest, we’ve all had fantasies about seducing straight guys haven’t we? Yes you have! Well o.k. then, even if you haven’t you will once you’ve taken a look around Sleeping Men. Here’s the deal: it’s late at night, your straight mate has been drinking and is snoring away in his bed. You creep out of yours, sneak into his room and find that the sheets have fallen off him. He’s there butt naked with his juicy straight cock on display. Quietly you go up to the bed, take his cock in your trembling hand and away you go. He shoots a huge load without even waking up and is none the wiser for it in the morning.

That’s the concept at Sleeping Men and the free pages are atmospheric and well designed to help you get the feel for the content you can buy into. Take a look at one of the preview video clips and it’s kind of like watching an erotic version of The Blair Witch Project – except without the screaming and mayhem and with better camera work. Filmed at night these vids really do make it look like real sleeping straight men got their cocks wanked and sucked without realising it. It’s great stuff, great fun and very, very horny as you’ll see when you take a look around.

You can view loads of content in the free area but you won’t get to see everything until you sign up; the cocks are fuzzed out and the preview vids are just teasers. What you will discover though is the length of the vids, the age of the guys and you get a good idea of how hunky these unaware porn models are. It describes itself as a fetish site and yes, maybe it is a fetish to have a big thing for sleeping men but it’s more than that. It’s also a site for voyeurs as watching the vids you’ll feel like you are actually there. It’s also a site for hunk lovers as the guys, who range in age from 19 to 25, are handsome and well put together, you can tell even in night-vision.

Your webmaster tells you little snippets of information too and it’s like listening to someone confess:  “That part always scared me more than anything, that if they saw how excited I was it might turn them off…” He takes you through the photo shoot or video giving you the background and the story. That’s an extra treat as far as I’m concerned as what you are getting are like real life confessions told in the format of an erotic story, with illustrations. But if you prefer you can also just sit back and watch the action in the video. A great combination of options if you ask me.

You can sign up to this after lights out action for only $24.95 a month; this will re-bill until or unless you cancel it. That’s a well priced membership fee and the payment processor is safe and secure. If you want and help there is a good help page with FAQs and webmaster contact details.

Final Words
Silently and sexy. That almost sums up Sleeping Men (it’s not silent but it’s as good as and the quiet soundtracks only increase the eroticism). Whether you’ve got a fetish for playing with sleeping straight guys, whether you’re a closet voyeur or whether you just like good quality gay on straight porn you’ll be drawn to this site. Let sleeping dogs lie they say, well I say let sleeping straight men get blown

Be careful taking ambiens with cameras around you could be caught on video hitting on your straight friend.












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