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Here’s a site that promises you 100% of everything: mega-cute boys, high resolution pics, brilliant photography and zip downloads. There are seven fresh young faces welcoming you into the tour area and they all look pretty – that’s pretty damn hot! As this site comes from Cobra Media you can be sure it’s going to feature some young and hot twinks and you also know that it’s going to be good quality.

On each page of the free area at Solid Gold Boys you get at least eighteen sweet young things to drool over. And when I say young I mean young. O.k. so the site has an 18 USC 2257 compliance statement (as all well run porn sites should have; it states that the webmasters/company have records showing the proof of the models’ ages, i.e. that they can prove the boys were over 18 when photographed,) but even so, some of these boys look very young. Hold on, I’m not saying they are very young but some of them look around sixteen or seventeen – you’ll see what I mean when you take a look for yourself.

What you won’t see until you sign up though is full nudity; at least you won’t see the hard-core stuff or even a sweet young cock. The photos in the public area are a real tease, with the boys stripping, smiling but keeping their ‘tackle’ hidden from you. Well, you might get one large image with a bit of length sowing but that’s it. But once you are in the members’ area you will get to see everything and hear it too as you’re in for videos as well as galleries.

After you’ve looked over Solid Gold Boys, or if you need time to make up your mind about signing up for the members’ area, you can click on over to the Shop. This will lead you to Cobra-Zone where you can buy all of their full length titles on DVD and have the smooth young boys delivered direct to your door. (Well, their movies that is.) The good thing about this is that you can download trailers for some movies before you commit to buying one. You also get a good search facility, you can view prices in Euros or Dollars and there are hundreds of titles to choose from.

Meanwhile back at Solid Gold Boys I just wanted to mention that there is also a free forum that you can take part in. The messages left here vary from things like ‘very cute boys…’ to comments about what members and non-members want to see. It’s basic stuff but it does mean you as a member have a voice and can post your comments or concerns, say who you’d like to see more of and generally contribute to the site in your own way. If you’re not sure about the site you can see their recommended links page where you will find banners advertising other young twink sites.

So: they’re young, very young looking in some cases, but they’ve all got big cocks and balls full of cum. You probably won’t see such good photography on many other sites and you probably won’t fund any younger looking models, legally, anywhere else. Don’t believe me? Well, as they say, suck it and see!

Sign up will cost you: $24.95 for thirty days - recurring at $22.95. Or there are one off options of 60 days for $49.90 and 90 days for $59.95. You can sign up using your credit card and they use Verotel for this, Verotel is a popular and secure payment processor. You may check out this site at or click here.












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