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Southern Strokes

Southern Strokes is all about horny amateur guys from, or found in, the southern states of the USA. Texas boys, college guys from Georgia, frat boys from Sothern colleges, they all appear here to make a little cash, shoot a lot of jizz and get you heated up and sweaty in that good old down-south humidity. It's also a site that holds exclusive content, that makes its own videos and galleries and it is one that has been around for a while now and scores consistently well in reviews.
            So I was pretty excited to be asked to go and take a look around inside and get to see what only members usually get to see.
            First of all the sign up process is simple, and it’s typical, and dealt with by a trusted company so you've got no worries there. Prices are advertised in US Dollars but when you get to the actual ‘fill out the form to pay’ page these prices should convert to your local currency. That all done, your login details are sent immediately and you can click straight in to the members’ area.
            And in there you will find what was advertised on the tour; this site doesn’t let you down or cheat you in that respect. There were 306 exclusive films when I called in and the most recent was set out on the home page, so you are immediately met with hot and hardcore photos from videos that you can easily go and see. I was not surprised to find Tyler Sweet in the most recent movie. This guy seems to have come from nowhere and has appeared in just about every good site I've seen over the last few months. He’s a very cute young bottom twink and he seems to be in everything. On the plus side this means you’re in for some horny action, but on the downside it does mean that these models are a) not necessarily all amateur and b) not all exclusive.

            Find a sample pic from the 300 + and click it to find its viewing page. Here you are met with a good, well written description of the main guy and how he came to be here, what he does and what he is like. Then you have a link to each guy’s profile where you find stats and details, plus links to his other shows. This opens a new page so back-click to the viewing page for your chosen scene and you find a set of viewing options. There are downloads here from low resolution up to high, and these will take you up to 1,500 kbps @ 640 x 480 at least. Some more up to date scenes may well have a higher resolution by now. There are also streams and I found them around the same size in-browser. I also found some streams which had to be downloaded or saved before they ran, and there were choices of MOV and WMV files for all movies. So there should be something to suit all there.
            Movies are a mix of solo jerk offs and action scenes and what’s really nice are the interviews and chats. You get to hear (some of) these guys interviewed before the action starts, so you get to know them a little better and things become more intimate.
            There are also photos of each model and scene, and these are shown beneath your viewing options. This means that there is no separate gallery area to fiddle with, you simply glance at the pics, click the one you want to see, enlarge it and there you are. Pics were up at around 640 x 960 in size and came with slideshow options. To help you find who and what you want to see the site also comes with a search facility page.
            So, for amateur (and some pro) guys, mainly from, or found in, the Southern States of the USA, for straight, bi and gay boys in solo and action, well made and downloadable movies, Southern Strokes is on my top-list. You should put it on yours too.

$19.95 for a three day trial
$26.95 for 30 days recurring
$69.95 for 90 days, recurring & includes a DVD




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