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It’s all exclusive content at and what’s more it’s all about straight guys getting involved in gay porn. There are some very sexy hunks on the tour pages in larger images and thumbnails and they give you a good idea of what you are in for when you sign up. Take Kyle for example, a smooth and toned stud from Ohio. Click his thumbnail and you get a short written introduction to him that includes some stats and nude shots. It’s great to get so many pics of a guy on a free tour, there’s none of those fuzzed-out cock shots or stars hiding the bits you want to see. It’s honest and up front at and we like that.

In fact there are at least seven pages on the free tour and they’re all worth a look if you’re in doubt as to whether you want to commit your cash. Some of the other guys you’ll get a taste of are young and twinky while others are students, surfers and straightforward straight hunks. And if you need convincing that these guys really are straight and doing gay-for-pay stuff then page three of the tour shows you one of the guys in some straight action – I mean with a gal. I only mention this because I’ve seen quite a few sites that claim to feature straight guys getting blown for the first time and so on and, when you join up and log in, you listen to them on the videos and there’s no way you’d believe they were straight. But here at the guys look more convincing than others I’ve seen and as the site appears so honest I’m happy to take their word for it.

Click here to download the full video!

Having said that, if you delve around a bit more you’ll read that it’s her, the gal in the photos, who does some of the photography. She gets the guys hard and horny by doing stuff off camera; another indication that these guys genuinely are straight. You’ll also notice from the tour pages that when you click a guy’s page to see his photos and stats you can see the number of video clips he appears in and there is a link to his gallery. Once you’ve signed up you’ll get these links activated so you can see these hunks in all their glory. And judging by what I’ve seen you won’t have any issues with the quality. I just checked out Devin with his perfect ten and a half inch cock – phew! You have to go and take a look at that! (Page seven of the tour.)

There are over sixty hunky guys on offer at with more updates being made regularly; the updates page will let you know what and who is coming next. O.k. so you may not see much oral or anal action on the tour but it’s there waiting for you when you sign up. And how much will this straight first sex festival cost you? Well not as much as you might think: $24.95 if you take the one month option or a discounted $59.95 if you go for a three month recurring membership. Transactions are through Verotel which is a well respected and secure payment processor but if you have any trouble there are links to help and support on the join and help pages.

Final words
I believe them. From what I’ve seen of these guys really are straight and they are certainly willing to take their kit off and flash their hard cocks for you. And there are some pretty impressive cocks to be seen let me tell you! The overall look of the site suggests quality and professionalism and the membership cost is reasonable. Go for it!












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