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Like sexy boys in thongs? Skinny well-hung boys wearing a thong so it will show off their ass real good.

Here’s something to do if you want to a) pass some time and b) get off to some pics and vids of horny young guys in thongs. Search the web for sites that carry, exclusively, images and movies featuring guys in thongs. Thongs are just a small part of the larger underwear fetish, so you will find many ‘thong’ categories on the larger underwear fetish sites but I wanted to see if I could find anything more specialized.

First of I tried the obvious: and, to my surprise, found it to be for sale. That’s a URL for a webmaster to snap up if every I saw one. So, no luck there – as yet. Trying a general search among my collection of gay site search sites, for gay/thong/boys, I found some other, more interesting results.

Kyle’s Tight Yellow Thong has two galleries of smooth, blonde Kyle posing in his thong before stripping it off and showing us what lies beneath. I noted that here there was also a link to the rather fabulous site It’s really easy to get distracted when searching for one thing as so many other things pop up and you are very tempted to go and view them. (I’ve seen this site before and it’s a great ‘club’ for underwear fetishists – maybe we’ll look at it properly another time.)

Meanwhile: back to my search and on to where you will find a cute houseboy doing the chores in his thong. I say ‘houseboy’ he was actually around 30 but some great thong pics nevertheless. Continuing with the search I came to with six galleries of thong-themed pics. Not great quality and a rather amateurish look to the images; college guys having fun with a cam more than well made porn. There were some short video clips of more amateur guys at the usual Tube sites – search with the correct keywords and you will find lots to view. But generally it really was surprising how few thong-themed sites and how little thong content there was to easily find. I know I have seen hundreds of images of cute young things wearing skimpy underwear with a string up the back and a small pouch at the front – it’s just a question of finding them again. Obviously there is no easy route to find thong only sites, so how about we make one ourselves?

All you need to do is set up a site, buy that domain name, get your camera and find your models. But what to wear? Thongs of course. You can find them on line at a variety of stores both straight and gay, sexy and mainstream. Here’s a pretty cool looking one for only £9.00 (around $18.00). Black and see through at the sides, but no back picture to let us know if it really is a thong or just a thong style brief. This one from the same site was more daring and more of what I would call a thong.

I think what it comes down to is that we have to go back to the days when the only chance you would get to see a hunk in a thong was by looking at an underwear catalogue and, in that respect, is a great place to start. Check the images and click the thong ones to find some great looking guys in some great looking pouches; it’s not exactly gay porn heaven here but it’s a start. Alternatively log into a site like In2Underwear and take your chances – it’s a fairly safe bet that some of the boys hanging out there will be into thongs and you can swap your own pics and stories with them too. And why not swap your thongs? But that’s another story.

Check out our gallery of Stripped down smooth skinned males with nothing but their flesh and underwear with a large, hanging silk thong.


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