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I first saw Turk performing in a fairly recent porn vid, ‘Bareback Mountain’ where he stars with his (apparently) then partner Winter Vance. I’m not sure if they are still together but I do know that Turk currently has a partner, more’s the pity as he is the kind of guy you’d want to take home.

I had a brief chat with him the other day – by e-mail – and he tells me he is currently working on a new personal page for myspace. While we wait for that to appear I thought I’d share some info about this gorgeous young hunk who has appeared in many good quality gay porn films.

He goes by the name of Frank and he is of Italian/Irish descent, you can see that in his dark brown hair and eyes. He is 22, five feet ten tall, slim, and slender and lives in California where he’s working as a bartender while attending college. He also tells us that he has an oddly small tongue (but I wouldn’t complain if it were anywhere near my mouth) and I know for a fact that he has tattoos, one on each arm near the top. He’s openly bisexual too, which is good news for everyone but he’s also engaged so not much chance of anything other than friendship. He’s a really friendly guy and if you visit his current myspace page you can check out what he’s been up to through his blog. He’ll also reply to your e-mails personally which I think shows just what a genuine kind of guy he is. You can view his myspace page here: but to view his pics you’ll need to login, but it’s free and quick to do that.

Turk Melrose the porn star

Searching around a bit more, I discovered that Turk has made at least 10 gay porn movies, many of them with his buddy Winter Vance, another dark haired and very horny guy. If you go to the tour pages of you can see Turk’s cute ’n’ smiley face top centre. If you sign up for the site and join the action you’ll see a great deal more of him I can assure you of that. He’s not afraid to get down to some very hot and hard gay sex action with other twink guys in school uniform on this site. There’s a great solo jerk off vid that you can join in with and action vids that he’s involved in where he tends to play the passive role.

Bareback Mountain

Going back to ‘Bareback Mountain’ (yes it’s a cowboy themed thing like the Hollywood movie, but better,) he has a great scene with Winter where he persuades Winter to let him suck his cock. He can act pretty well too, by the way. The scene then develops into Turk rimming Winter before Winter turns him around and fucks him. At the end they are cock to cock on a sofa and Turk jerks both of them off with both their cocks in his hand at once. Apart from the horny action, smooth and cute boys and so on Turk also has this thing where he makes a really sexy noise when he cums. You can see the full movie in the members’ area of and you can save it to your PC to watch over again; just like I have!

He has performed in movies made by 1R Media, Xtreme Productions and Lycan Films. Look out for titles like ‘Afton Nills Academy Tyouts 2’, (and 3) ‘In My Bedroom’, ‘Iron Balls’ and ‘Masquerade 2’. In fact, if you want to see him in action right now you could do worse than look at where you can ‘rent’ hundreds of gay porn movies. Basically you by on-line viewing time and watch the movies on your PC.

Wherever you find Turk you’ll enjoy his performance and I can bet he’ll give you hours of fantasy pleasure too. Once seen he’s not a guy you’ll forget.













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