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UGAS and MANcheck Hacking passwords?

One thing I've never understood is why someone should want to hack into a site to get an illegally free password that costs only $26.95 for two years in the first place. But people do and it’s scary how easy it is to find out how to do this by using a simple web search. I’m not going to point you in the direction of these sites as that goes against the grain but I was interested to find out if they are safe to use.

Ah yes, you see, for every offer of a ‘free password’ could come at a price and you should think twice before trying to get something for nothing.

The sites that I am looking at are UGAS and MANcheck. These are the legal sites as opposed to the ones offering you a way of accessing them for free – I’ll come to them in a moment. Both UGAS and MANcheck do roughly the same thing: they have a set up with adult sites whereby they display some of the sites’ content for their own members. So as, for example, a UGAS member you can log in to the UGAS part of any participating site and enjoy the content. Not the full site of course but enough to make your membership rewarding and good value, particularly when you see how many participating sites there are. Thousands. And both the sites have two year memberships for under $30.00, that’s around $1.25 a month to be able to access a huge amount of content.

Why then should you want to run the risk of doing something illegal and getting a hacked password? But people do and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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As I said, it’s actually very easy to do but there are pitfalls. I did some searching around and found that there is no such thing as a free lunch, at least not a simple one and not a long one. Finding people willing to talk about their ‘hacks gone wrong;’ experiences was difficult but I did find a few pages where people had spilled the beans. There were three principal problems found by these people when trying to get something for nothing by downloading illegal passwords:

The hacked site soon discovers which password has been hacked and cancels it, so even by the time you get yours it could be too late. It’s pretty obvious really: a member releases his password and suddenly his visits go up from one a day to one thousands a day. Dur!

Actually getting what your hacking site is offering you can be tricky. I tried out a few sites that were offering a hacked UGAS password (as that’s what they are, even if they say ‘free’, it’s not theirs to give away) only to discover that many of the links they had up led to ‘page not found’ errors.

Now consider the other side: if a site is unscrupulous enough to rip off companies like UGAS and MANcheck then what else is it up to? During my research I used search words such as ‘safe’ and ‘hack’ and came up with many pages and sites that were teaching you how to ‘hack safely’ and how to create your own viruses. But, at the end of the day, there is no such thing as a safe hack. For a start it’s illegal and secondly some of these passwords (when you do get them) will download a virus of some sort to your machine. You may not know it’s there but that’s the point. From then on you could find your hard drive stripped, your personal information stolen or even your whole system crashing and all for the sake of not wanting to spend less than $30.00

Don’t do it. It’s not safe!






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