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Young Recruits

With so many young men going off to fight the war in Iraq there has been a big curiosity in seeing some of these boys unclothed. You see some of their pictures on the news and they are mostly young, twinkish teen boys that are totally beautiful in every way. You cannot imagine most of them fighting in a war but some of them have the butch straight boy attitude to go alone with the twinkish young look. These boys are mostly smooth, sexy, and have tons of cum waiting to shoot out of their bodies because they are in their sexual peak. They also must have the testosterone to shoot guns and other weapons while not shooting off the real weapon of mass destruction.

There is a new site that takes aim at the youngest recruits and captures them in video footage. You can see small video downloads from their site that gives you a free preview of the young military boys. These young men are wearing navy white hats that make them even sexier as they get naughty with each other in a rough military way.

young recruits

These hot military boys are wearing their real uniforms and it shows pictures of them dressed for duty and then ready to perform another kind of duty. These young military men are aged 18-24 on the site. The owners of the site are the same who brought you,, and The site seems to have hotter anal sex than the other boy dollars sites along with hotter boys in my opinion.












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