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What is BG East Wrestling, I asked myself as I set about writing this. An internet search brought up some rather startling images of old ladies in Bulgaria along side a link to a gay wrestling site – which did make me laugh but didn’t answer the question, and then I found some much more useful information.

BG East started as the principal producers for BG Enterprise which was the original gay wrestling company back in 1980, and remains a separate company. An article at ethereal  goes on to praise the company for its professionalism in organising erotic wrestling events and that seems to be what the whole thing is about. The company is committed to producing wrestling with integrity – so not just for the sex side of it – and prides itself on its variety of wrestlers (which include Olympic medal winners) and the styles of wrestling they perform.

BG East were the first company to video and produce ‘movies’ (for want of a better word) recorded outside of the USA and were the original distributor of the Canadian MuscleHunk videos, the first titles produced by Can-Am. They went on to produce several video lines including, ‘Bratpack’ with the younger 18+ wrestler, ‘Private Bonus’ with older men and more aggression, ‘Matmen/Fantasy Men’ came next and continued the Private Bonus theme but with some more exotic looking guys, and the one we’ve all been waiting to hear about ‘XFights’, also known as ‘Sex Fights’ these videos show you what happened after the bout.

Now we know a little background we want to see what the up to date news is and discover where we can get our paws on some of these classic, as well as up to date, videos. Why? Because there’s something very erotic about wrestling. Maybe it’s the tight lycra, the muscled men, the sweat and the positions they get in to but a good wrestling DVD can be more of a turn on that a standard hard-core sex movie. So, click on over to and you can get right up to date with the catalogue.

The home page here brings you the most recent series of recordings (I can’t really call them movies as they don’t have a story line – they are recordings of real events). The recent titles are from the Dark Knights series and you can watch these through the new video on demand service if you don’t want to order a title straight away. This is a good (and not too expensive) way of testing the water if, like me, you are a newcomer to the erotic wrestling scene. The site though also includes more specialist information with wrestlers’ profiles and details and there are more goodies promised once you join. Like: over 50,000 photos, 150 + video clips, previews and special offers on sales. The site is also updated regularly and at $13.95 per month is pretty good value for money.

I mentioned some of the ‘series’ just now but on the About page at you will find the full list of 35 ‘kinds’ of recordings. These will link to the DVDs that are for sale and you can buy these without having to sign up for the site. DVD prices have recently been brought in line and taken down to the price of the original video copies, so you can pick up some steamy action for a standard $49.00 with some titles being cheaper. If you have a favourite star in mind you can search the database for his appearances, find his profile and list of DVDs he appears in. The site carries some very good search facilities and works both as a shopping site and a membership one.

Basically: if you are interested in wrestling, if it’s always turned you on and you want to see younger and/or older guys doing what they do in the televised matches, but with an erotic twist and even with gay sex involved, (though it’s secondary to the main erotica of two guys grappling) then you need



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