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Chip is basically a hot look looking young twink guy who has his own porn site. That’s the bottom line: it’s about him and it’s about the things (and bois) he likes to do. He tells us that he works in a restaurant as he studies for his degree in restaurant management, plays the flue and as well as being intelligent, likes getting dressed up in funky costumes. All well and good so far, but he also likes showing off his smooth, lithe body and having a great time with his friends. He’s 5’6” tall and weights 120bs, so he’s the kind of guy you could quite happily bounce on your knee for an hour at a time because he likes to play the bottom role and get his ass nicely filled as often as possible. He’s also got short, blonde hair and a winning smile.

So that’s Chip, but what about his site where he bares it all?

Well, I studied the tour area for a while and this is what I came up with. There are several great pics of Chip and some of his equally as young and fun looking buddies. Moving further in to the tour and you’ll find a short video sample and some harder pics. In these you can quite clearly figure out that this youthful looking boi has a great cock and I mean it looks huge on him; I’d guess at around eight inches at least. What’s more he’s got a very nice pair of large and smooth balls bouncing around beneath it and, like the rest of his body, there’s hardly any hair. He loves ass play – there are shots of his solo dildo action, he’s wearing a cock ring in some and some whacky costumes in others. All of the material you’ll find here is exclusive, he says and when you join up you get access to bonus sites too.

Looking at the sign up page in more detail you’ll find that access to Chip’s site and the bonus ones will set you back only $24.83 a month, but there are various trial offers to take advantage of too. But $24.83 isn’t a large amount to pay when you consider than you not only access all of Chip’s exclusive solo and action videos and galleries but those bonus sites too. Sites like: Alex Dark and Boy Alley – famed for their young-guy, twink sex, videos and galleries. There is also access to the new look Ass Lick Boys that comes to you from a great porn producer and, for more wild and orgy type content there is College Boy Sex Parties: so all in all you’re offered a good amount of varied, yet always horny, content.

chip carson nude hung twinkSearching around for any more information or any other cool and free pics of Chip Carson I stumbled across a few things. Though information may be thin on the ground (he doesn’t yet have any info up on the larger Encyclopaedia sites for example, where many well known porn stars have bios,) you will find some extras shots of him courtesy of AlleyBucks, with whom I assume he is associated. Try this link: for some smart looking erotic shots (dick included).

I also found a handy blog post that corrected me on my ‘guess the cock size’ of this young hottie: nine and a half inches we’re told at

It looks to me as if Chip Carson is going to be a name, face and body to keep and eye on. At only 19 he’s already off to a great start in the gay porn industry with his own site and plenty of praise from reviewers and commentators. And he’s a sensible lad too because if the porn work dries up (and I doubt that it will for a long time) he has his restaurant training to fall back on. Well, he could fall back on me any day and I’d eat him up. Yum.











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