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Papi says it is an exclusive content site that brings you videos and photos from some of the best gay parties around the world. Whether it’s America, Ibiza or the Greek island of Mykonos if there’s a Papi party going on you’re going to find all the filmed evidence here. It falls into the Latino, reality and hardcore categories as far as classification goes.

There are four featured, most recent, parties in the tour and you can catch a glimpse of some of the action by running the short trailer for each party. It looks like they follow a standard format: the party gets going, everyone is filmed enjoying themselves, then some sex starts and later some of the guys are filmed privately. You can opt for a three day trial of the site at $4.95 or dive straight on in for a monthly, recurring membership at $24.95. The three day trial will recur at a higher price unless you cancel it.

Because the filming is done ‘on location’ and at the venues the movies can appear quite dark but you do get a choice of download speeds and on the full length, MPEG, movies that members can access the quality is very good. Each full length party sextravaganza runs for around 50 minutes and includes the party and the sex scenes filmed during it or after it. You could say that there is too much emphasis on the party in some of the vids, with long shots of guys dancing and only the occasional flash of a cock, and the sound can get a bit tedious at times but you’ll get to the sex in the end. The site gets updated every three days with both videos and picture content. That’s not a new party every three days but part of a party; I reckon they hold a new event every 10 days of so and therefore upload the full video sections at a time.

The pics are, of course, all taken at the party and are good quality. Some may be video stills- it’s difficult to tell in this digital age - but even so you can clearly see what’s going on and how much fun these lucky party-goers are having.

And if you feel you’ve got what it takes and are in the right place at the right time, you too could be joining in with a party. There is a message board on the site which will give you information about the events. There are also links like ‘models wanted’ which will send you to a page about the agency who supply the models. So if you’ve got a hankering to become a porn model you could see how things work by getting into a Papi party and seeing for yourself how uninhibited you need to be. And how sexy looking, well put together and hung too I suspect as I’m sure Papi get lots of applications from unsuitable wannabe porn stars. Most of the guys you’ll see at one of the parties are drop dead gorgeous, fit and cute. That rules me out then… I’m not fit!

You also get access to two other sites with your membership: ‘Boy’s first time’ and ‘Tranny surprise’ both of which offer movies and pictures. So, if you like to watch – and maybe even one day be part of – wild gay sex parties in exotic locations then you could do worse than sign up for It’s entertaining, if you like party sex, and because it singles out a few guys for a good old hardcore scene towards the end, you get a good mix of sex content too.










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