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Brent Corrigan / Fox Ryder Review

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Brent Corrigan

   He’s slim, handsome, smooth, 5’7” tall, white and a Scorpio. He’s got looks and a body to die for and a very impressive cock. But who exactly is he and what’s the fuss all about?
Since 2004 Brent has made nine gay porn movies in a career that has not been without controversy. Born in Lewiston, Idaho on October 31st 1985 (or 1986) his career in porn flicks started when his boyfriend at the time took a web-cam, filmed him sleeping and sent the images to the guys at Cobra Video. This was, according to Brent, just before his seventeenth birthday. He has stated in interviews that he was led to believe that loads of models in porn movies used fake I.Ds. to get the jobs and so, again under the influence of his boyfriend, he came by a fake I.D. and started working for Cobra video in 2004.

His first two shoots with Cobra, where he was mainly the bottom guy, were bareback anal scenes and were later used in four movies: Every poolboy’s dream, Schoolboy Crush (both 2004 releases), Bareboned Twinks and Casting Couch 4 (2005). These movies were successful, critically acclaimed in the industry and big sellers too. Everything looked like it was going well for all parties concerned but it didn’t take long for things to turn bitter.

In September 2005 Brent and his lawyers announced that he had been underage when making these movies, being only seventeen when the films were shot. The law requires actors to be at least eighteen years old. He went on to defend himself by saying that he had tried to tell the Cobra producers that he was under aged but they had not listened to him. He has also hinted that he received threats from the studio after he went public. He was backed by a couple of private organisations who basically took his side in the dispute, and Cobra removed the movies from circulation.

Cobra has also put its side of the story stating that it still has copies of the supplied I.D. but had no response from Brent’s legal team when they asked them to supply a copy of his birth certificate. The dispute rages on with Cobra suing him and going as far as to try and stop him using the name Brent Corrigan, as they say that they own the trademark on that name.

Make of all that what you will; what is Sean up to now? Sorry – that’s Brent’s real name: Sean Paul Lockheart. Well, you can check out his own webpage at, (which I will review separately) or you can view the Cobra made pages at Here you will find a collection of photos and video clips with links to the pay per view Cobra movie theatre. But you won’t see the disputed, under-age, movies there of course.

Now Brent goes by the name Fox Ryder and is moving on. He has set up his own production company, making him the youngest porn producer in operation he says, and his first directorial release is due out in December 2006, but will only be available through his website. That should be one to keep an eye out for.

Brent/Sean/Fox appears in five other movies, four from the Cobra Studios, (Cream Bboys, Naughty Boy’s Toys, Fuck me raw, Take it like a bitch boy,) and one for Falcon studios, (The Velvet Mafia). In 2007 he will see the release of his first, non-porn short movie to be titled ‘Tell Me’ but be warned this is not porn it’s going to be a scary movie. You can find out more about Brent and his daily life by viewing his blog at his website, or you can view his myspace page at












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