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pics from boys lube wrestling at boys clubAs far as I can see there are two appealing aspects to gay wrestling: the fitness element and the erotic one. I remember watching the last Olympic games and seeing the Greco-Roman Wrestling competitions – phew! Those ultra fit, young and downright horny boys in tight lycra getting into all kinds of positions. That was erotic, but to do it the guys had to be fit. To find out more about this sport-cum-erotic experience I did one of my searches and came up with some interesting sites and information for you. is a great site for anyone interested in amateur wrestling. In fact I didn’t know until I went there that it is the oldest sport in the world, which kind of makes sense as the only equipment you need is your body and your mind. There is a great blog on this site with links to You Tube videos, including some of that horny Greco-Roman Wrestling I mentioned just now. There are also great images and interesting write ups about the sport and the guys involved in it. And you’d be surprised at some of these guys. Yes there are some tough looking older, bear types getting sweaty together but also some very sexy young things with rippling abs and bulging costumes. is another site where you can find more serious information about wrestling lubed boys wrestle at face barwith the promise of some gay orientated content too. It’s not a porn site but you will need to sign up ($29) for a year in order to access all the content. I mention this site for those of you who are seriously interested in finding out more about the sport as it is one of the oldest and best respected sites about man to man wrestling around -- The Big Daddy of the male wrestling site scene. For more general information about gay sports, including wrestling, try where you will also find links to on-line groups that you can join.

Now then, if you want to get into the more erotic side of things, that is if you want to find some wrestling themed gay sex sites then start by looking at, in particular the wrestling page. Here you’ll find photo galleries that include your standard competition shots, wrestling in oil and in mud and there are some naked shots too. There are also previews of the movies that the photos are taken from. These come from Chris’ site that you can join for $29.95. The site also has loads of other erotic and hardcore content too.

Getting even more serious about the sexual side of gay wrestling? Try where you will find chat rooms, videos, stories, galleries and personals. Again it’s a pay to join site that will cost you $29.95 but that will get you three months access. Over at you’ll find a page about this erotic fitness activity and the page there also take in the more wrestling fetish side of things. Carry out a search for either gay wrestling or nude wrestling and the pages will bring you news and information on sites that also feature bears, hunks, musclemen and the like.

And of course you can always track down some hot adult DVDs at Enter wrestling in the gay search box and you’ll find 17 titles. These include movies with older, hunkier guys and younger twinky guys wrestling and, in many cases the match leads to full on sex, so you can combine both the excitement of the sport with the excitement of the eroticism taken one stage further. And that, for me, is what a good wrestling match should be: lots of huffing and puffing both in and out of tight fitting lycra costumes. And on that note I’m going back to my videos of the last Olympic games…

Dudes being horny and athletic, dominant and agressive playing sports. Role playing wrestling is hot!

Everyone loves wrestling because of the dominant homo-erotica sensation it brings to us gay boys. We love the feeling of being pinned down on the bed or floor while the more aggressive stud makes us take his cock or his load in our face. Most gay guys have a wrestling fetish because it is at least one sport we can all find in common and so much like our sex life. I know I wrestled with all the boys in my neighborhood when I was a teenager and now I wrestle in bed with my boyfriend.

Watch the Corbin boys playing sports and in wrestling gear. The circle jerk boys are also active and work out. You may also see them in wrestling videos before they have hot and sweaty aggressive sex. Amateur Athletic Studs and wrestler jocks get fuked for the first time on the mat in uniform.


Download the boys of Corbin Fisher

Wrestling News Update: pulled photos of two buff college jocks Paul Donahue, a senior Husker and Kenny Jordan, a junior at the University of Nebraska. The wrestlers were dismissed from the wrestling squad for appearing on Frat Men TV's website.

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