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Just imagine this: A German guy with a love of body building is on his first trip to California. He’s wandering down Venice Beach when someone comes up to him and says, ‘hey, you've got good looks and a great body, do you want to do some sports modelling?’ The German guy agrees and turns up for the shoot only to find out it’s going to be a gay porn shoot, not sports. The agent turned out to be really sleazy too so you’d think, after that experience, the body builder wouldn’t be interested in making porn. Happily that’s not the case. Jason Hawke stood back and thought, ‘why not?’ He’d always had an interest in making porn after seeing Boogie Nights and here was an opportunity – so he went for it.

Now, 50 movies and six years later he’s got his own site and is a well known name in the adult industry. As for the man himself he is 5’10”, has an 8” uncut cock, brown hair, blue/green eyes and his birthday is on February 14th, St. Valentines day!

Check out for more details and to find out how you can sign up and you’ll be in for a treat. On his about page, where I got that little story from, there is a list of interviews, reviews and websites with more info about him, but here I’m going to take a quick look at his site and let you know what’s what.

Actually there is a lot here and it’s a promising site. You come across many bodybuilder sites that are simply a collection of workout photos and some home videos, but Jason has gone further than most to bring you something worth being a part of. If you’re into keeping fit and want to workout you can download and keep his fitness programme. I have to say I broke into a sweat just reading it – it’s not for beginners but if you go carefully you should be ok. Jason appears on ImLive and you can find info about his live webcam sessions on the site. There’s a live naked cam every Friday and recorded sessions too.

He keeps a weekly journal, a blog, so you can follow him every step of the way and get really intimate with him. This also brings you news on what’s happening with the site so it’s a good way to check for updates and more hot content. And that content includes exclusive photos and videos and he promises to let you in to every aspect of his private life; including the bedroom. You can even catch him in the flesh: there is a page on the site that tells you where and when he is making personal appearances, if you’re in the right area you can get up close and practically touch him – the blog is also a good way of keeping informed about personal appearances of course. If you can’t get to see him live (either on stage or on cam) you can at least buy some of his DVDs. Check the video store page for the full set of titles and then click over to (the link is there on each title) to get your sweaty hands on a copy.

You can sign up for his members’ area securely and at a well priced $19.95 a month (recurring) you can’t really go wrong, not with so much exclusive content and regular updates on offer.

Yup, this guy is tops: not only is he sexy to look at, available to you live and in his videos and galleries but he’s prepared to let you in to every aspect of his life. It’s an honest and good looking site – just like the man himself. And all thanks to a sleazy agent on Venice Beach.








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