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Some things never cease to amaze me. Like this for example: Brett Mycles is a top class, top totty porn star and yet he is also a pre-law student, personal trainer and nude wrestler. Strange combination if you ask me – the law studies and the naked wrestling… maybe not - but it goes to show he’s a guy with his head screwed on. After all, you can’t always be a porn star and having a legal qualification to fall back on is a good idea.

Brett was born in Texas, USA, in 1977 and tells us that he is bi-sexual. He recently married his high school sweetheart and now lives in Los Angeles. He is six feet one has brown hair and eyes and weighs in at 210 lb. Since 2000 he has been seen in both magazines and porn flix and now has his own DVD, “Brett Mycles – The Collector’s Edition.”

If you think you’ve seen him but with a different name then you’d be right. His real name is Robert Sager and if you visit you’ll find plenty of images of him. You will also see a link to his personal website but sadly I couldn’t get this to work so I can’t be sure if it is still up and running. You can see from the photos that he is dedicated to his body. Every muscle is well defined and I mean EVERY muscle. You may have heard that guys who work out often have small cocks but I think that urban myth came about because the rest of the body is so big even a big cock would look small hanging off it. But in Brett’s case he’s not short of an inch or two in the ‘undercarriage’ department. (Big balls too – always a bonus.)

If you want to see a reasonable three minute clip of Brett stripping off his top and posing in and out of his briefs then check out: video. Here you will also see how popular Brett Mycles is from the many comments that viewers have left.

Brett Mycles on DVD

And what about the porn and the DVDs? Well, if you want to see Brett in action you could do worse than check out Here they have eight movies featuring Brett including: “Jackhammer” – hard construction studs, “Prime Cuts”, “Dante 2” and “Storm Fighter” with Lance Storm, another sexy body-builder. The themes in most of these movies are wrestling and muscles, but there are also big dicks, College studs, masturbation and locker room scenes. You can expect to pick up one of these hot flix for around $49.95 and they tend to run at around 100 minutes each – so plenty of entertainment there. If you want the definitive collection showing you all Brett’s best scenes then it’s his Collector’s Edition DVD you want. Here you’ll see him in anal scenes as well as all the rest and there are five other studs performing with him. This movie runs for a huge 145 minutes, that’s over two hours of Brett’s muscles, hard ass and hot cock in steaming action. (Visit for the same DVD at $39.70, all region encoded.)

But if you can’t wait for a DVD to be delivered and you simply must see Brett in action NOW then click on to go to MaleFlixx where you can see his scenes or entire movie in DVD quality streaming pay-per-view format. It’s all reasonably priced and they have five of his movies there including the Collector’s Edition and Jackhammer.

But finally – if you want your clips of Brett sorted for you and you want to see him and hundreds of other hunks in action, I also found him here: There are stills from the movies so you can see how much cum he whacks off and if you buy a DeLuxe pass you can get instant access to movies featuring Brett and all those other hunks in trunks for one dollar a day. Have fun and don’t strain your muscle.












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