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There is certainly not a shortage of gay personal sites these days.  The social networking that the straight kids get to enjoy with myspace and friendster continues on with sites like and

What is downelink?
It is a online gay community that allows you to interact with each other through social networks.  Downelink is the fifth most popular gay and lesbian lifestyle site according to hitwise research.  This site is ranked just below,,, and that we feature in our gay personals section. Downelink can be found at

Downelink is similar to where you have to log in to the site before you can even look at the users pics or profiles.  This keeps the site private from lurkers who are just on to look at others profiles and not have their own content on the site.

When you sign up for Downelink you are asked if you are bicurious, bisexual, downe, lesbian, queer, or if you are a hag or stag.  A fag hag is a straight girl who hangs out with gay guys.  A stag is a guy that hangs out with gays that is straight.  We have no clue what a downe sexual orientation would be but we assume down-low. 

The downelink community seems to be streaming with lots of visitors and unique pages that you do not see on myspace or on dlink but we are not sure what makes it so different from the other social networking sites.  I think the difference is the fact it might be for people who are more on the down-low and not out of the closet since it is a closed community.  Keep in mind that the fag hags can log in so it’s not that closed off from “curious lurkers”.


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