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Gay Watersports

There are two ways we could go about this: I could try to be funny and make jokes about athletic games in swimming pools or I could get straight to the heart of the matter and say that we are talking about guys pissing. Either on themselves or each other it doesn’t much matter – there is a practice called ‘watersports’ and you may have come cross the title before and not known exactly what it meant. I’m here to help out.

Basically the term ‘watersports’ refers to the practice of a guy urinating on another guy: some guys get off on this as do some straights I expect, it’s not isolated to the gay community. There are lots of websites and movies that feature this at their centre but that’s an article for another time, here I want to look at the practice, fetish, call it what you will, of watersports.

Here’s the technical word: Urophiliac (from the Greek words for urine and friend). This word is applied to people who derive pleasure from the sight, smell and touch of urine – some people go so far as to get off on the taste of it and actually drink it. The less technical words you may have heard are ‘Golden Showers’, that’s the term generally applied in the gay word to the act of actually pissing on someone else, or being pissed on yourself.

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I know that some people’s first reaction to hearing about this side of sexual life will be of disgust and rejection but there are a lot worse things out there let me tell you. Other people are concerned about the health risks involved, particularly of the risk of HIV infection as you are, after all, exchanging bodily fluids in a big way. I did some searching around about this topic and discovered that generally speaking most people writing on the subject of watersports and HIV infection agree that it is a low risk activity. But – there is a concern that there could be tiny amounts of blood in someone’s piss so it’s best to keep the urine away from broken skin, the eyes and the mouth. Obviously there is a risk involved in any kind of extreme sex and safe practice is always advised.

EDITOR’S UPDATE:  HIV Cannot be transferred through urine.  So no worries there!  Urine is actually very clean compared to popular belief.  You will read this on many watersport sites and many mainstream health sites.

So where do you go if you want to try out watersports in a safe and controlled way? Well, I would advise not going to a fetish club straight off – try and find some contacts via the net who would be able to suggest less extreme ways to get started. I tried a few terms in my search engine and came up with a lot of canoeing and surfing sites at first but soon found lists of sites that specialised in watersports. Through these you could make contacts. It’s also worth checking out the more mainstream contact sites, like Gaydar and for example and adding to your profile something like ‘interested to try watersports for the first time’, but remember to meet in public and play it safe when meeting strangers. Then make sure your partner knows that you are experimenting and agree a way to stop the experiment should you want to.

If you’re not sure about that, or it sounds too advanced, then try some solo watersports to see if you actually like the feel of your own urine first. Try sitting in a bath with your jeans on and letting it go… does that turn you on? Try it naked, lying on your back, how does that feel? You’ll soon know if watersports are for you and, if they are, you can then progress to the harder edged fetish clubs that most big cities in the States and Europe have on offer. And if you are even in Gran Canaria in the Canary Islands there’s a gay club there where they don’t have a men’s restroom, they have a bath for you to pee in – or sit in while the other guys use it...