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Picture above: Brent Corrigan and Josh Vaughn.

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As the reported this week it was a fun week in Vegas at the Hustlaball which was ran by

Here are some pics of the event:

Brent Corrigan and Josh Vaughn Brent Corrigan and Josh Vaughn Brent Corrigan and Josh VaughnBrent Corrigan (Fox Ryder) and Josh Vaughn

Pierre Fitch and Ralph WoodsPierre Fitch and Ralph Woods - Rascal

Pierre Fitch and Ralph Woods

Ralph Woods Ralph Woods, from was by far the cutest face of the night. This was the first time I had meet him and his lips are just gorgeous. His body is smooth and delicious and I hear he is very hung. His eyes and eye brows are sexy as fuck too. Ok, yes his ass is very hot when he was wearing Dolce and Gabanna briefs. Maybe it is Ralph's innocent look but damn he is sexy and cute at the same time. This is a pic of Ralph Woods in the VIP area of the event.

Josh licks at Brent Corrigans cute tattoo butt Hottest Pic of the night goes to Brent Corrigan and Josh Vaughn. Josh wanted to show off Brent's hot ass and his cute tattoo on his butt. Josh Vaughn can be found at Channel 1 Releasing. He has starred in Starting Young 2 and Blond Leading the Blond. Josh Vaughn is pictured on Chi Chi La Rue's top 8 on myspace if that tells you anything... he will definately make it big in gay porn.

Too Many Boys, Too Little Time

Other gay porn rising stars of mention seen at AVN events included a hot, but short, Sean Corwin, 19, originally Minnesota/recently Las Vegas ( and  Sean Corwin is also bi-sexual which makes him a bit more sexy in my opinion but that may just be for show.   Sean Corwin played in Dirty Little Secrets from 1RMedia.  There was also the twinkiest of twinks Blair Mason who also claims to be bi.  You can find Blair Mason at   I will say that both of these “bi” boys have great taste in gay music.








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